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2 0 1 7 A P R I L P R I N T W E A R || 29 Top: Though this setup is called a system, it's very simple to set up. One custom square embroidery hoop, one metal frame jig, and a stack of pre-made plastic frame sheets make up the entire system. Above: Once the frame is in place, the pre-made sheet is inserted into the frame and held by pegs that fit into the tractor-feed holes in the sheet. This ability to be indexed is part of what allows for reworking custom- ization or attaching finished patches using the system's secondary hoop. This thin piece of coated paper and plastic didn't look like it would hold up much better than I had assumed the vinyl could, but it was surprisingly tough for its thickness. Distortion is still a real concern on a thinner, non-woven material like this, but it was more durable than one would imagine at first glance. The availability of the standard embroidery hoop that is mount- ed under the frame system makes post patch-stitching attach- ment possible. The commercial system's hoop has a lip against which the inner frame holder locks. With a set of spring-loaded levers, the inner frame locks into place inside the hoop. The system mounts just like a standard hoop. The size is fixed, so giant patches aren't possible, but for the largest number of chest and shoulder pieces, the pre-made frames have just enough room for the largest common sizes.

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