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38 || P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 1 7 W e've heard anecdotes about (or experienced firsthand) a child who insists on wearing his superhero costume all day, every day, much to the chagrin of his parents and teachers. Or, the stories about another little one who doesn't feel like donning clothes, ever, regardless of where the family needs to be and when. Funny and frustrating as these phases may be, kids are always going to find a way to express themselves, and, most simply, want to feel good in the fabrics they wear (or temporarily don't). Since there are millions upon millions of children not currently ex- periencing one of these extreme cases of self-expression, the market for the pint-size demographic is as big as their individual personalities. Here, we explore what customers are looking for from today's chil- dren's wear industry, and the future is bright! A TOUCHY SUBJECT We all strive for comfort, though it is sometimes foresaken in the name of fashion in adult apparel. But, little ones are too smart to fall for any extreme trappings. Instead, the market is absolutely, unwaveringly about breathable fabrics and touchability when it comes to children's garments. Sure, kiddos become more knees Children's Wear In This Big Market, Little Tots Call the Shots B Y J E N N I F E R E L G I N Jennifer Elgin is a freelance writer and broadcaster, covering fashion and sports beats for various media outlets. She at- tended the School of Journalism at the Uni- versity of Colorado at Boulder, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in broad- cast journalism. She loves fashion, fishing, the color red, traveling, and sports. She currently resides in Denver.

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