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2 0 1 7 A P R I L P R I N T W E A R || 39 and elbows and less baby-soft rolls as they develop, but the desire to stay shrouded in coziness stays put during growth transitions. How and where these products are developed is becoming increasingly important, too. "Consumers have become very conscientious about where the garments are being made and how well they are being made," says Kristin M. Slinn of LAT Ap- parel. Slinn adds that not only do people want children's wear that is safe, but they want prod- ucts that feel great as well. Thus, soft combed ring-spun cotton is a popular fiber in children's apparel, ensuring the highest level of comfort for those little ones. APPLE, TREE = MINI-ME If you have observed that youth styles in past years have often mimicked those de- signed for adults, you can expect that pro- cess to continue well into the near future. It reflects what the market is requesting, and few wholesalers intend to steer away from the popular mini-me movement. "The adult fashion style stands so strong on its own that it most certainly continues to ex- tend to kids," says Glen Brumer of Royal Apparel. "Little brother wants to look like big brother, so we take some of the looks showcased on college campuses and shrink that down to kid sizes." Brumer goes on to suggest offering a variety of styles which all touch on the same lifestyle aesthetics and al- low kid's and adult's outfits to complement one another. Ivy Mai of Kavio! concurs that full-grown trends determine kid's offerings. She says, "Children's wear styles are always taking after adult collections. They're rein- terpreted and created for the mini-version of ourselves." The mini-me styling is a very popular trend, so more sophisticated fabrications beyond just the ba- sic cotton is exciting for customers, continues Slinn. Opposite: Shark-bite hemlines, flouncy fringe, bright colors, and playful asymmet- rical cuts are fun and expressive looks for children. (Photo courtesy of Kavio!) Right: Destruction-wash fleece has tested well in market research, taking this athletic look from simple to edgy with one design move. (Photo courtesy of Royal Apparel)

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