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Page 83 of 136 • Spring 2017 • THE SUBLIMATION REPORT 13 offer this service. Bernat points out that as obvious as it might seem, some shops order the equipment without considering things like whether a press or printer will fit through the door. Businesses also need to ensure they're equipped with 220V, three-phase power to accommodate the heavier equipment, Halley adds to the conversation. Outside of spatial and electr ical requirements, Bernat points out that adding a service like all-over sublimation to a shop requires market research and cost analysis. He suggests bringing printed samples to clients first before investing in the equipment to determine there is an interest. Both Young and Halley agree that in some instances, outsourcing can also be a viable option. The equation for most busi- ness owners will be whether the cost of outsourcing all-over sublimation services is more or less than the cost of a monthly payment on equipment. Outsourcing the work usually takes shape in one of two forms. Some shops bypass the overhead costs by simply investing in a larger heat press and large transfers that they can press themselves. In other scenarios, shops contract out the entire all-over sublima- tion process if their facility space does not allow for large equipment. And though all-over sublimation dif- fers from other decoration methods like screen printing or embroidery, a more universal business management concept should remain at the center of any deci- sions to expand. Bernat cautions that shop owners looking to delve into the all-over sublimation realm should understand that the investment needs to translate into a long-term goal. "Make sure the equipment has multiple lives," he adds, explaining that rather than struggling to chase trends, businesses should focus on how new equipment will be a constant source of revenue as opposed to a quick fix. Whether a shop chooses to outsource or take on the service in-house, all-over sublimation will undoubtedly widen a business owner's capability to offer both decorated apparel and personalized pro- motional goods. Visit today for the latest news and information! SR

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