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16 THE SUBLIMATION REPORT • Spring 2017 • T raveling to trade shows has given me the opportunity to talk to sublimation decorators all over the country, noting several conversations about pricing. Many digital decorators struggle with how to set their prices and maximize profit while staying competitive, especially those who have added sublimation to an analog deco- ration technique. There are three areas to consider to ensure sublimation leads to profit: true costs, pricing techniques, and adding extra perceived value to products. DETERMINING YOUR TRUE COSTS Determining your true costs in subli- mation can be a huge challenge due to a number of factors. First, getting supplies like ink and paper require you to rely on the supplier or manufacturer, who can lead you down the wrong path at times for costs. Let's face it: The ink manufacturer that is expensive may not work with you to explore all the ways to diminish high costs. They are not being deceitful as they point out other factors to look at, which are relevant. Typically, they point out the issue of time, which is a huge part in fig- uring out true costs. There is a tendency not to factor in our time as part of the expense or over valuing our time based on models from manu- facturers. This can be seen more often in small businesses. I suggest taking all of the information you receive and use that as a starting point to get a true value of cost. We need a formula to get started by factoring in true costs of consumables and How to Price Sublimation for Profit Determining your true costs in sublimation can be a huge challenge, and there are a number of areas to consider when figuring them out. ALL IMAGES COURTESY AARON MONTGOMERY BY AARON MONTGOMERY

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