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Page 87 of 136 • Spring 2017 • THE SUBLIMATION REPORT 17 labor, plus other areas like waste, inven- tory costs and overhead. If you have been in business for some time and have done a great job of tracking, this is no problem to figure out. For example, take what you paid for ink and paper over a set amount of time, then take the total square inches of jobs you produced during that time (square inch of the size of product pro- duced, times number of times produced), and you have your paper and ink cost. You didn't track that because you have a business to run or you are new to this? That is where most of us struggle, and honestly, I would not suggest going to those lengths. We need a rounder figure for figuring out pricing. At the end of the day, desktop printers on the market are going to run about $1 per job, and a 44-inch printer is going to run about $0.05 per job. What is a good formula to get a fairly accurate cost of the items you are pro- ducing if you do not have the time or data to track every single thing that goes on in your business? Let's look at the true cost of a standard rectangular mousepad for someone using desktop equipment and small quantities of blanks. We will err on the high side as it is good to make sure you can improve your bottom line, not break even. Please note the added notes for factors to consider in each area while making this calculation. Blank Mousepad: $1.75. Do not forget to add the inbound freight into this figure as that can drastically change the cost of the blank. Buy enough quantity to gain price breaks, but not so much that you SUBLIMATION OVEN SUBLIMATION OVEN 44"X64" LARGE FORMAT PRESS MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT AT THE CUTTING EDGE OF SUBLIMATION 800.835.0606 c o u n t e r t o p m a d e i n u s a LF–4464 SUBLIPRO-CT 20"X25" SWING AWAY PRESS SWING MAN-25 t o o l - l e s s SUBLIMATION WRAPS HIX WRAPS SUBLIPRO–2414

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