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18 THE SUBLIMATION REPORT • Spring 2017 • would not be able to sell that inventory in the course of six to 12 months. There are costs to carry inventory for extended periods of time. Paper and Ink: $.75. As mentioned, the printer you use can make a world of dif- ference in this area, but in general, you are looking at about .0095 per square inch with small format and .065 per square foot with wide format. Pressing Labor: $.50. To calculate this, take the cost of an employee you trust to do production as your base for this figure. This should not be what you think you should make an hour for your time, even if you are the only employee. Look ahead on this one or you will price yourself out of the market. Assume that you are going to be pressing one at a time, especially at the beginning, eventually becoming more efficient, like pressing multiple at a time to improve your bottom line. Packaging: $.30. Even if you are going to hand-deliver your finished product to the customer, a legitimate business puts the finished goods in some sort of a package. In this case, a poly mailer bag works great; remember with breakable items, the cost can be much higher. Additional Labor: $.75. Many small busi- nesses miss on this critical factor, making growing in business nearly impossible. Just like pressing labor, consider the cost of an employee to take the order, prep and print Selling your customers on the fact that you've sublimated a personalized product is one way to increase the perceived value.

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