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the Groundsman September 2012 Philip says the club has never had any problems with the system: "We programme it, set it off and it runs without the need for us to do any more." Technology has since advanced to allow for even greater 'hands off' control. "It would be possible to provide online data to an i-Pad, if required, so you could programme it from anywhere in the world," he explains. Wark CC estimates that the GSHP has saved approximately £1,500-£2,000 per year on heating costs, providing all of the clubhouse heating and hot water through a single cylinder. The total cost of all the planned refurbishments the club undertook, which included new cladding on the outside of the building to enhance heat retention, was £73,000. The pump cost around £16,000 of that and the associated earthworks another £6,000. The installation was carried out by Geowarmth, Newcastle, a company that comes highly recommended on this experience. A grant for most of the cost of the pump was secured with additional money provided from the Northumberland Community fund. The club itself raised £16,000 towards the total costs. The pump has caused a great deal of interest in the area and, as a result, there are now several systems in Wark and the nearby villages, and an air source heat pump was fitted in a neighbouring house. The club itself is not finished with its plans, however. Being close to a river and with enhanced support for such schemes, the club has been considering a small hydro- electricity project. Campers and caravanners use the site three times a year and it would be ideal to offer them charging points for an electric vehicle. "There is development money for electric vehicles and I think they are the way of the future," adds Philip. "If the club could develop this, I think we'd really be at the cutting edge. "And a group from the village is now working with us to redevelop the playground area – lots can be done there, including solar lighting, environmentally friendly equipment, low carbon footprint development, etc. FEATURE 37 "All it needs is people with energy and commitment." Ian Wardle, Director of Cricket at Northumberland Cricket Board (, is keen to promote greater environmental sustainability amongst clubs. The Community Foundation has supported Northumberland Groundstaff Association in this work. Article contributed by Andy Carmichael

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