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34 | Ignitemag.ca | April | May 2017 • Giving attendees a few minutes to jot down thoughts. "When you start the conversation, there's more for the introverts to work with." • Having tables come up with questions together "so it's not just one person leaping up." • Using technology like keypads to capture feedback. 5 Facilitate interaction and networking At large events, Gouthro advises nudging attend- ees into small group breakouts. "Sometimes it's good to have opportunities that are semi-struc- tured for people to network." Buelow adds that humour and intentional icebreakers can help too: "OK, turn to your neighbour and share something." 6 Appreciate different styles, but avoid labels Not a fan of labels, Gouthro believes people really fall along an introvert-extrovert con- tinuum. It's more effective, he says, to focus on intelligent meeting design and fostering engagement, while staying aware of different personalities. Your planning team offers a great oppor- tunity here, he adds: "Try having a balance of styles on that team so those kinds of things are automatically addressed through the perspec- tive of the planning group." meetings & events • Make up about one-third to one- half of the workforce. • Get their energy more from being alone, whereas extroverts recharge by being with others. • Tend to prefer work environments with less stimulation (i.e., reduced lights, noise and social buzz). • Enjoy socializing but also need alone time to replenish their energy. • Like to prepare their thoughts before speaking in public. • Prefer to talk in small groups or one-on-one when networking. • Enjoy using tools such as LinkedIn to network and stay in touch. Source: Susan Cain (www.quietrev.com) Did You Know? Introverts… meetings inspired by discovery Invest in your team with a venue setting that sparks inspiration and imagination. Extensive conference spaces and accommodation options ranging from Inn rooms to the suites of the Westin Trillium House will ensure your delegates are comfortable, while our expert team of facilitators engage and delight outside of the meeting room. Discover the true potential of your group, with an itinerary that promotes collaboration and ensures success through unique team building experiences. Contact us now for more information! sales@bluemountain.ca | 877-445-0231 x6210

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