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18 THE SHOP MAY 2017 Sales are steady throughout the seasons, because people are accessorizing no matter what time of year it is, but around spring break is probably the slowest time of year, because people are paying taxes and it's still too cold to go four-wheeling. Wes Blackie, owner, Trail Jeeps, Golden, Colorado: Suspension lifts are our most popular product, because it's usually the first thing people do to their Jeeps in order to clear enough space for larger tires and make the Jeep more capable off-road. TS: Do you offer incentive package deals and promotions for popular related products? Fleming: We have our own line of vehicles here, where we take Wranglers and equip them with our own packages. We have 10 different models that we offer, starting at a budget lift called a Hammer, all the way up to the most expensive, which is called a T-Rex. Those packages are specially priced to the customer. We're also doing an off-site tire event, for example, where people can buy rims and tires at a discounted rate for just the weekend. Sellers: Depending on what the customer is going for, we offer package deals. For example, if we're doing wheels and tires, we'll offer discounts on things like steering upgrades as well. TS: What are some of your methods to stay connected to the local Jeep community? Tanner Gouard, project manager, Complete Customs, McKinney, Texas: About a year ago, we built The Legend Jeep that we did in honor of Chris Kyle, the American Sniper. It has a full Icon adjustable suspension, fully articulating axle, it's got Grid off-road wheels, a Mag- nuson Supercharger, a full camo liner exterior with the Kryptek pattern airbrushed into it, with matching leather seats, ARB air lockers, and Dana 60 axle. It's been used for a lot of events. It's already been to Moab once last year and will be going again this spring. We do a lot of promotional stuff with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, so it's been to a lot of their events, as well as a lot of other shows like the Unlimited Off Road Expo and SEMA. W ith so many directions to take a Jeep as far as accessorization, it's easy for shops to lose direction and struggle to keep up. But, with the many opportunities the market offers, it pays to persevere. Since it takes one to know one, we asked several Jeep-oriented shops about some of their observations of the current market and how to manage relationships with customers. Here's their take on what it takes to suc- ceed in the Jeep market. THE SHOP: What are your shop's most popular Jeep accessory products? Cory Sellers, marketing operations consul- tant, All Seasons 4x4, Broomfield, Colorado: Upgrading wheels and tires is popular right now. I think it's just the time of the year. What I've noticed around here, right before Easter Jeep Safari, is that everyone wants to put on new wheels and tires, because they want to make their Jeep look as good and new as possible. Getting into spring is usually when everyone is doing these upgrades. Scott Gillispie, owner, Off-Road Motors- ports, Wichita, Kansas: Suspension kits are probably one of our biggest deals. LED lighting comes and goes, because it's a new market. Anything that makes a Jeep fun (is what) sells. There's no one set of anything I can sell repeatedly, because Jeeps have unlimited customization possibilities. Everyone has their own opinion of what they want their Jeep to look like. That's what's so fun about Jeeps and why they're so popular. Galen Fleming, fixed operations director, Adams Jeep of Maryland, Aberdeen, Mary- land: Our most popular Jeep accessories are, of course, lift kits and rims and tires, because that's where everyone starts before they build out from there. Tips from a panel of off-road experts. Compiled by Marley Jeranko 18 THE SHOP MAY 2017 Selling to the Jeep Market Pack- age deals are popular with Jeep owners look- ing for a complete vehicle upgrade. (Photo courtesy All Seasons 4x4) RESTYLING/AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES

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