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MAY 2017 ■ 7 ■ WOLFPACK CLUB NEWS ONLINE SEATING & PARKING NEW & EXCITING FEATURE FOR 2017! WHY ARE WE ALLOWING WOLFPACK CLUB MEMBERS AND SEASON TICKET HOLDERS THE ABILITY TO SELECT THEIR OWN SEATS AND PARKING SPACES? To provide an added level of customer service and greater transparency for all WPC members and football season ticket holders by providing the opportunity to take ownership of their annual seating and parking assignments. WHAT IF I WANT TO SIT OR PARK WITH A GROUP OF PEOPLE? With the online selection process, each individual will be given an appointment time for seating based on their respective priority point ranking or purchase date. Each group member needs to coordinate his or her selection with the appointment time of the lowest ranked person within their group; and, at that time, each group member can log into the online system and choose their seats or parking spaces together. NOTE: Since all seats and parking spaces will be selected online, each person in the group will need access to a computer when coordinating the location of their seating and/ or parking location to make their selections simultaneously. Each group member can log in at their assigned time and check the availability of seating and parking locations, thus having the opportunity to make their selections at that point, should they wish to forgo some or all of their group's priority based on the lowest ranked person's selection time within the group. WHO WILL PARTICIPATE IN THE SEATING AND PARKING SELECTION PROCESS? Everyone who purchases annual season tickets and parking permits. Lifetime Right season ticket holders will have the option to purchase additional annual season tickets up to their priority limits as well as select their season parking pass locations. Annual season ticket holders will have the opportunity to select annual seat locations and parking pass locations. **This is NOT a reseating process for lifetime seating rights holders. All lifetime right season ticket holders will maintain their LTR seat locations provided they renew their tickets by the priority deadline. Those that are interested in changing their lifetime seating rights for 2017 and viewing current availability should contact the Wolfpack Club oce as soon as possible. Lifetime rights seats changes for 2017 cannot be made after May 1st. HOW ARE THE SEATING AND PARKING SELECTION APPOINTMENT DATES/TIMES DETERMINED? Seating and parking selection appointment times will be assigned to those with an order for 2017 season tickets, in order of Wolfpack Club priority ranking as of gifts received by May 1, 2017. These appointment times will be mailed and emailed in mid-May by both email and through the postal service. Although another donor may be scheduled an appointment time every 1-3 minutes, each donor will be able to access the system and view availability prior to their appointment time. Once a selection window opens at each appointment time, a donor may select seats and parking from that time until the selection process is complete in late June. Groups that wish to sit/ park together will need to log in simultaneously based on the member of the group with the latest appointment time. HOW WILL THE SEAT AND PARKING SELECTION PROCESS TAKE PLACE? As in previous years, all Wolfpack Club members and renewing season ticket holders will receive an online application as well as a paper application in the mail. All season ticket and season parking orders must be submitted by the May 1st priority deadline to be included in the online seating and parking selection process. A 3-D view of the Carter-Finley Stadium and its surrounding parking lots will be available online for previewing and for seat selection. All 2017 season ticket holders who place an order by May 1st will receive a selection time based on their priority points ranking. Football season ticket holders who are not WPC members, will be placed in order based on their order date and will be given the opportunity to participate after all WPC members participate in the process. IS THERE AN OPTION TO SELECT MY SEATS AND/OR PARKING IF I DO NOT OWN A COMPUTER? Yes, while we strongly recommend that you log in on your own, if you do not have access to a computer during your selection time and do not have someone to assist you, you certainly may call or visit the WPC oce in person at the time of your selection in order to self-select your seating and parking with the assistance of a WPC sta member over the phone or in –person. The WPC oce is located at 5400 Trinity Road, Suite 407 in Raleigh. Please realize that using the online system will be the most ecient method to maximize your donor priority for seating and parking selection. More information and details about this exciting improvement to the donor experience will be coming soon!

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