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May '17

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And we've come to the end of another packed edition of Sign & Digital Graphics. So let's review: M A T T D I X O N , S D G M A N A G I N G E D I T O R BACK PAGE C O M I N G I N J U N E . . . What we've learned… Thanks to improved printers and inks, decorated glass and mirrors have become a hot market for sign shops. Page 48 There's still room in the market for hand-braking channel letters, but if you want to be competitive when you need hundreds of letters, a bending machine is a must. Page 54 Cloud storage increases design and installation options because it removes physical memory devices and even some cables from the equation. Page 60 A partial vehicle wrap is a great place to start when a customer isn't sure what they want because it can easily be added to or subtracted from. Page 43 When a customer has no idea what they want in a sign, there are ways you can guide their decision- making process through your example sign designs. Page 86 LED Retrofits Replacing existing lighting systems with LEDs is still a lucrative busi- ness for shops able to do the work. Banner Printing It's the staple of most sign compa- nies, but the margins continue to shrink and the competition is heavy for shops that rely heavily on print- ing banners. 96 • May 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S

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