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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • May 2017 • 31 It would be ridiculous to think of the farmer planting corn and having beans grow. In the same way, your subconscious mind will carry out the actions the conscious mind directs. If the farmer fails to plant anything, there will still be growth—predictably, wild weeds and useless vegetation. Over time, the field will be out of control with weeds. In the same way, our minds—if not consciously directed—could fill with mental weeds. In sports, your inner voice is the last thing you hear before you take action. Thinking a positive swing thought before drawing a golf club back is one thing. Outwardly expressing how you will sink this putt or lace a drive down the middle of the fairway is much more powerful. I like to talk to myself—it helps me map out my thoughts, provide constructive feedback and, most importantly, moti- vate myself. Since it appears many children seem to master this art better, why aren't we more adept to use self-talk to our advan- tage? It's because, unfortunately, kids become adults and we often allow society to dictate many of our actions. Talking to yourself is generally frowned upon and, we are told, it's a sign of insecurity or insanity. That's a pity…and hogwash! I love the story about a little boy playing baseball with himself in a back- yard. With bat in hand, he would pro- claim "I'm the greatest baseball player in the world" and then loft the ball into the air only to swing and miss it on its descent. He'd pick up the ball, say "I'm the best baseball player who ever lived", and hoist it skyward a second time—a mighty swing and yet another miss. A third time, he would announce "I'm the best baseball player in the universe," toss the ball up and whiff at it again. Proudly, he declared, "Man, what a great pitcher!" Attitude is everything. Safe to say, we should build up our own confidence and exhibit positive energy whenever we can. Focus on the best thing that can hap- pen, not the worst. Too many people talk themselves out of good ideas. Rule of thumb: Let your thoughts take you where you want to go. Riddle Me This Self-help author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins asserts, "Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlim- ited potential." Unfortunately, many people ask themselves the wrong question, which is likely to produce a negative subconscious effect. If, in your job, you would ask your- self positive, empowering, solution-based questions, you will have much better out- comes than if you uttered demoralizing, problem-centered ones. Have you ever found yourself asking out loud any of the following: "Why am I so stupid?"; "Why can't I ever do this?"; "Why do bad things always happen to me?" These questions, and all the ones like them, take a terrible toll on our self-image. Improving your present situation comes through asking yourself better questions—such as, "What must I do dif- ferently to get a better result?"; "What do I want to have happen from now on?"; "What do I need to learn in order to perform better and reach my goal?" Before you go into a particular situ- ation or undertake a certain task, know- ing the desired outcome is vital. Let's say you want to be able to do something faster—complete a sign job, close a new account, make entries into the company's accounting ledger, whatever. You've got to ask, "What's the desired outcome?"— and be specific. If it takes me two and a half hours to produce the signs for an order, how can I maintain good quality and get them done in two hours (spe- cific, desired outcome)? Audibly talking to yourself and asking positive questions can be a great way to interpret something that you are thinking about and improve upon it. The Power of Affirmation The three-time world heavyweight champion boxer, Mohammad Ali, was famous for repeating his "I am the Greatest!" affirmation. Ali would announce his affirmation repeatedly, not only to convince himself, but also to intimidate his opponents and convince the world. It may be ill-advised to mimic "The Champ" without being able to back it up somewhat, but remember, Ali had What must I do differently to get a better result? What do I want to have happen from now on? What do I need to learn?

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