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May '17

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • May 2017 • 33 DIGITAL PRINTING AND FINISHING DIGITAL GRAPHICS B ranching into the field of point- of-purchase sign making can help you tap into literally endless business with retail sales customers. The choice to do it yourself or to work with a dedi- cated outside vendor will help guide your profitability. As Effective As Ever While we live in an age where elec- tronic advertising has revolutionized the way that people are influenced to buy everything from toothpaste to televi- sions, old-fashioned point-of-purchase displays are still a critical tool in the retail world. P.O.P. Printing New opportunities for satisfying commercial clients B Y A N D Y S T O N E H O U S E Andy Stonehouse is a Colorado- based freelance writer. From colorful refrigerator-case lami- nates beckoning you to buy the newest soda at your local convenience store to the giant, colorful window displays announcing this season's new fashions at the mall, it's a sign-making avenue that promises a nearly endless cycle of production and updates. Like many new avenues for small but established sign shops curious of expanding their business, the P.O.P. market requires a shift in tools or some considerations of working with a better- equipped vendor already set up to do high-volume printing jobs. Do things right and the local customers you have coming to you asking for P.O.P. work might just blossom into a lucrative new business, with jobs you can add to your existing work flow. Photo courtesy of MegaPrint.

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