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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • May 2017 • 41 Open two images. These examples were shot in sequence using a tripod and brack- eted to produce two different exposures (see Figure 12). In the top image the cliffs are fine but the sky is blown out. The bottom image has a lovely dramatic sky but the cliffs are too dark. I want to combine them both so that I get perfect cliffs and perfect sky. Combine the two images into a single image with two layers named Cliffs (on the bottom) and Sky above (see Figure 13). First look closely at the channel information in the channels panel to find the one with the most contrast. In this case it's the Red channel (see Figure 14). Double-click the Sky layer to display the Layer Styles dialog box. In the Blend If menu choose the Red. Drag the black slider to the right. The areas of the cliffs are replaced by the content from the cliffs layer. It looks okay, but a bit grainy. The affect needs softening. Press Alt (Win), or Opt (Mac) and drag the right half of the Black slider to the right until the pixel transitions become smooth (see Figure 15). The final result of blending the two images can be seen in Figure 16. Sandwiching layers and applying the "magic gels" to layer content pushes the envelope as far as color control goes. In combination with opacity, adjustment layers and layer masks, blend modes perform miraculous color transformations. Both blend modes and Blend If are features that I think you will find quite useful, but as usual, experimentation is the key to finding the best results to produce some seriously cool results. SDG Figure 14: The red channel has the most contrast. Figure 15: The Blend If slid- ers for the Red channel conceal the dark por- tions of bottom layer. The effect is softened by splitting the sliders. Figure 16: The final result shows the blended components of each layer. Call now for a FREE MEDIA PACK (800) 468-4782 A world leader in way-finding signage Read Us Online...

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