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44 • May 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS Design We do have customers that come to us with their own artwork and many times this determines the coverage of the graphics. Some of our larger companies, or government agencies, have an in- house design staff so they give us artwork that is already setup for a vehicle. Other times they will have a general design, and we fit it to the vehicle for them. Good partial wrap design incorpo- rates the color of the car into the design. So instead of the graphics looking like blocks of color on the vehicle, they look more fluid with the existing background color. Partial wraps should also be finished to a swish or to an element of the logo or design. Avoid ending the graphics in a hard line, which can look blocky and unfinished. A company that has invested in cre- ating a solid brand for its business will often indicate the parameters for the wrap so that it conveys the brand effec- tively. We take their design and work to fit it to the vehicle, while remaining con- sistent with the rest of their advertising. Whether a customer is doing a full wrap or a partial wrap, we like to proof their wrap on a photo of the actual vehicle. When the vehicle isn't available for photos ahead of time we may use a template, but proofing on a photo of the actual vehicle allows us to show the cus- tomer, quite precisely, how the finished wrap will look. Fleets We have quite a few fleet accounts and a majority of them incorporate par- tial vehicle wraps. This coverage may or may not be dictated by budget, more often it seems to be about consistency across the fleet of vehicles. Some vehicles receive a partial wrap as a form of identification when arriving on a job site. On others the company will change up the coverage and graph- ics depending on the task that vehicle is used for—sales, product support, instal- lation, etc. For some of our fleets there is a con- sistent design that we use on all the vehi- cles, but the coverage varies depending on the type of vehicle we're wrapping. For example, an ongoing fleet we ser- vice is a local solar company and we've wrapped multiple trucks, cars and semi- truck cab. Each one maintains a consis- tent blue swish with their logo as a spot graphic. On a few of their vans we've also incorporated large images. Wrapify You may have seen the advertisements for the Wrapify program in the maga- zine. Since we're talking about partial wrap sales, the Wrapify program ties in as they offer a unique opportunity for certified installers to install panel, partial and full wraps. The Wrapify program offers certified installers a unique opportunity to increase partial wrap installations in their shop.

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