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58 • May 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE "They have all of the latest equipment," says Sciortino. "Trim cap machines, chan- nel bending machines, routers—every- thing you'd need to produce channel let- ters at a good cost." According to Sciortino, most retail companies take an hour or two to make their channel letters, whereas LetterFab can do the same job in six to eight min- utes. Kane testifies to the speed of this equipment by pointing to his company's most effective offerings. " C L N of South Florida has taken channel letter fabrication to a higher level," he says. "We wanted to make the fastest process in the world, and have achieved that with our CNC Auto Bender. And it's the roll forming tools that really set CLN apart from machine in the marketplace. Roll forming the radius makes for a smooth and fast pro- cess. This machine produces one letter every two to three minutes." This type of efficiency with equip- ment was not always the case. Over 45 years ago, when Sciortino began in the sign business, things were done much differently. "I've been in every phase of the sign industry," he recalls. "I remember when everyone was using a Gerber Signmaker III. I've seen everything progress. When I started, everything was being done by hand." Today, customers are sensitive about deadlines and cost. Who do they go to when they need a quick job at a lower price? The wholesaler. "When I got into the wholesale side, I thought this would be a pretty good market down the road," Sciortino says. "And now we do work in every state. Two years ago we opened another plant in New Orleans, and it gave us additional distribution. Our goal is to get a channel letter project out in three to five days. Other companies might take a week to two weeks." The Value of Speed The value of speed—when it comes to completing channel letter projects—can- not be overstated. It's one of the most The Accu-Clinch letter fasten- ing machine. (Image courtesy of Computerized Cutters, Inc.) Channel letters with LED lighting. (Image courtesy of LetterFab LLC) Channel letter equipment can produce large channel letters or small letters down to less than 6 inches. (Image courtesy of LetterFab LLC)

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