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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • May 2017 • 63 Other companies have tried to imple- ment video screens in their drive thrus so customers feel they are still getting the same individualized attention as they would get by entering the establishment. But, as neat as the concept is, it doesn't speed up the drive-thru process, he says. Clients need to clearly define what they are trying to accomplish with the signage and measure that. Creasy adds that digital signs take a lot of resources, from the software and expertise to the level of quality needed to show a video or picture on a screen. Digital can sometime go down and there isn't a backup for that. They are also vul- nerable to hacking. "You have all the standard software issues. What happens if Windows goes down? What happens if the communica- tion line from the cloud gets cut? Does the media player have the ability to hold the last picture? Most do. If you pull the cable, would it hold the picture?" he asks. It is also important to understand whether or not a software update is backwards compatible. That's why many digital sign companies are working with outside companies to host the latest soft- ware. That way, their signs are always tapped into the latest and greatest and they don't have to have IT people on staff to manage the software. Dynasign Corp. is a software to ser- vice company. For a monthly fee, it offers companies carte blanche use of its con- tent management service platform for digital signage and mobile tablet screens. The company launched its cloud busi- ness in 2003 but, back then, it wasn't very popular. Everybody wanted to have their own server, back end and control. Now, the cloud is the preferred choice, says Jimmy Dun, chief marketing officer with Dynasign. "If you do have a plan for a large media network and multiple locations, it is a huge benefit, depending on the service vendor you choose. They may already have a network to distribute to you globally," Dun says. If a company wants to purchase soft- ware as a service for only a few months, Digital Signage Display at County Government Office, NC. (Photo courtesy of DynaSign) 10mm in Clanton, AL through Complete Signs. (Photo cour- tesy of EBSCO) A 3x3 videowall installed in a high-end furniture store chain, multiple locations. (Photo cour- tesy of DynaSign)

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