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42 • RV PRO • May 2017 rv-pro.com A F T E R M A R K E T RV PRO: What do you do to stay educated about the newer RVs and their components? Bunzer: I learn a lot at the shows: the Louisville show, the FMCA conventions, etc. The Hershey show is the best place because it is the first showing of the new RVs for the season. I also keep in constant contact with the suppliers. They are the ones selling their components to the manufacturers. I am privy to info that may not be seen in the field for a year or two. That gives me an edge. I'll get wind of a new product being developed before it goes to the RV manufacturers. RV PRO: What is the best thing for you personally about working in the RV industry? Bunzer: The bottom line: People throughout the industry. My relationships with RV owners are special. People will come up to me and say they saw me do a presentation in the past and how much I helped them understand and enjoy their RV all the more because of it. I have a commitment to learning. It's one thing to teach and it's another to see learning taking place. When you see that light in a new owner's eyes that they really get it. Or, when I teach a new tech and he gets it and he's a better technician because of it – it is the most gratifying thing that an educator can hope for. I also get to visit the plants and maintain relationships with the manufacturers and individual suppliers, such as Lippert. RV PRO: What are some of the more common requests or questions asked of the RV Doctor? Bunzer: Every year I get electrical-related questions. More recently, it has been electronically related questions. And leaks of every kind. Because the RV bounces down the highway – things are going to come loose. And some of those things are going to leak or stop working. Even though I may have answered that same question many times over, when you have a new RV owner and they have a problem, that problem is very real to them right now. They aren't thinking that this problem may have been around and that there are answers already out there. They are in the moment. I have to respond as if it's brand new. These are real problems by real people and I respect that and treat it that way. Even if I've answered that question four or five times before, it's important to make it real to the person who's asking it this time around. I have 40 years in the industry, but this guy – it's his first- Bunzer delivers a 20-minute "power talk" on "Repetitive Profits After the Sale: Revenue Streams Through the Service Bay" to RV professionals at the Campfire Lounge on the floor of the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., during last year's show. Bunzer is a popular speaker at both consumer and industry events.

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