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rv-pro.com May 2017 • RV PRO • 43 time experience. I have to remember this. I helped develop an RV basics class for FMCA: It's for first-time RVers and we even get folks who haven't even bought an RV yet. We answer their questions. I feel good when I can help somebody. It validates that what I do is a good thing. RV PRO: What are some of your more unusual questions? Bunzer: I get real medical questions sent to me. I just recently started saving them, but I wish I'd saved them all over the years. People do a Google search and they type in that they live in an RV and they are looking for a doctor and up pops my name. Some of the questions are very specific and very personal. I can't even talk about it. RV PRO: On the consumer side of things: Are women well represented in the courses you teach? On the industry side, what influence do you think women have had on the industry? Bunzer: Women have had a huge impact in the RV industry. From heads of coach makers, to suppliers, to media and pub- lishing. Some of my best students were women; they make the best troubleshooting RV service technicians. Lots of women attend my seminars, too; many are solo trav- elers. I'm sure you're familiar with writer Sharlene Minshall (Charlie). She was a friend of my parents and actually made a writing career traveling solo in a motorhome. A huge percentage – 30 to 40 percent – of the emails I receive are written by women. RV PRO: What was it like to get inducted into the RV/ MH Hall of Fame? Bunzer: The Hall of Fame was a very humbling highlight in my career. The inductees receive a letter directly from the Hall early in the year. Pamela Kay and John Johnston from FMCA were my guests, along with my wife and two daughters, who were gracious enough to take time away from their families. I joked that my kids finally found out what I do for a living! They'd never been to Elkhart so we made a fun weekend with my three girls. RV PRO: Any plans to retire? Is there anyone to succeed you if you do? Bunzer: No plans to retire. I told my editor, 'I want to die while I'm teaching on a platform at a rally.' (Chuckling.) She gave me a pretty odd look. Really, I don't have time to retire and I love what I do. I get to play with products when I get them. I get to write and make videos. I have such a big backlog of about 800 to 900 questions that still haven't been published. If I died, my wife could keep publishing the column and no one would even know I was gone. You think I'm kidding but it really happened once. During the first Gulf War, I was recalled to active duty with my Seabee Battalion. I was gone for six months. I would write the column in longhand on a legal pad and mail it to my wife. She typed it up and published it. My editors didn't know I was gone until I got back. I'll slow down and not travel so much, but I'll keep doing what I'm doing for as long as I can.

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