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rv-pro.com May 2017 • RV PRO • 49 Scissor Decks for Working Alongside, on RV Roofs The YouTube video opens on a man wearing a safety reflector vest entering from camera right. On the garage floor is a Scissor Deck manufactured by Easy Access Industrial Designs. Owner and designer Dan Visser moves around the collapsed, mobile platform laying on the floor, releasing stanchion lock pins from the base of the deck. Visser next lifts the platform to let the legs fall to support the makeshift deck. Then, in a singular motion, he pushes down on the deck end (ladder), immediately propping up the foldable platform. The entire set-up takes a little more than 4 minutes, but the video's message is simple: Easy Access makes sturdy, collapsible platforms with handrail enclosures that come in a variety of heights for a fraction of the cost of an average stand system. "The RV dealers are experiencing pressure from government safety inspectors … to provide fall protection safety to workers working off ground alongside and on top of RV roofs," according to Visser. "Some dealers are having their service departments actually shut down or prohibit workers to stand on their rooftops until they can come up with a solution. It's a serious concern. So, we've answered the need of being able to provide a mobile system that provides RV techs with protection as they're working on RV rooftops." Peachland, British Columbia, Canada-based Easy Access provides a multitude of ways to service RVs. Easy Powered Lifts, for instance, use a power-drill operated deck hoist to make the 10-foot-long platform reach more than 12 feet in height. For the standard manual Scissor Deck Systems, torsion springs stretch underneath the deck like ligaments, connecting the opposing ladders. Like its name would suggest, the ladders assist in lifting the aluminum deck several feet off the ground in a gliding scissoring motion before being locked at the preferred height. Linchpins secure the rail to the deck. Easy Access offers Scissor Deck product in more than 50 varieties of combinations, each with small tweaks, which were customized for the needs of individual clients. Before starting Easy Access in 2010, Visser spent five years importing smaller, "consumer-focused" foldable platforms. Soon after, Visser envisioned industrial-strength, durable designs of his own. "I wanted to bring customers a safer, sturdier product than what the market was offering at the time," he says. He started with a height-adjustable scissor deck stand, and then added wheels to it. He then created taller models with longer decks. Then he invented a wrap-around scissor deck system that can go around the front or rear of RV units. More revisions came in the form of removable extension ladders and increases in deck dimensions, as well as adding more handrail options and wheels for mobility. In keeping with an infinite array of customized decks, Easy Access launched a wheeled Sturdy Deck platform to access Class C motorhome rooftops in April. "It's a priority that we are able to discuss directly with each RV dealer their specific business needs, so that we can provide – from our wide range of products – the best solution for their applica- tion," Visser says, adding, "We are happy to customize as required." www.scissordeck.com A F T E R M A R K E T Easy Access Industrial Designs offers quick to set up, sturdy, collapsible platforms with handrail enclosures. They are particularly handy for working alongside or on top of RV roofs.

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