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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 27, ISSUE 5 20 BY STACY CLARDIE O ne of the pulls of the Purdue job for Jeff Brohm was the challenge. He knew before being hired to replace Darrell Hazell in December that the Boilermakers had won only nine games over four seasons. He knew that likely meant there were going to be ques- tions about talent. He knew that probably meant a culture was going to need to be established. And pretty much everything Brohm expected when he told athletic director Mike Bobinski "yes" were realized over Brohm's first four months on the job. On April 17, nine days after Purdue had its final practice of the spring, Brohm sat down with a group of local report- ers. Here's are excerpts of the 40-minute interview: Q: After having the spring to evaluate, what do you think of the personnel and the talent level of the guys you have? Brohm: "I think we're more aware of what we have and what we don't have. To be honest with you, we knew there was going to be work to do, and there is plenty of work to do. We've got to utilize the guys we have to the best of our ability, got to try to get some of these others guys able to improve and give us something and be ready to play when their number is called. That's all coaching. So that's what we're going to have to do. Is it where we want it? No, it's not. But we've got to play with the cards we're dealt and try to make it work." Q: When you sat down on Day 1, I'm sure you mapped out a list of goals, where you wanted to be after the spring. Are you where you wanted to be? Brohm: "I think we're right on schedule as far as try- ing to identify what we have and where we are. I think we have done that. I think we've got to just get the right plan together to try to fix it and get guys ready to go and get them ready to compete. I think now it's about recruiting the next guys in here as much as we can and trying to get the best talent in here that fits what we're doing, wants to be a great student and do things the right way and trying to find some dynamic players here and there. But it's really now developing the guys we have and building their confi- Tom Campbell Jeff Brohm took the Purdue job, in part, because he was intrigued by the challenge. He quickly realized rebuilding the program certainly will qualify as one. Q&A finding the Right mentality Brohm pushes culture shift in first spring

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