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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 27, ISSUE 5 24 Brohm: "There are certain areas on the roster we have to get better in. There's still room for us to add some peo- ple to the mix, so we're making sure we always have our eye open there to add competition and personnel. That's an area we're always working on. Creative-wise, as far as coaches, myself and our coaches are big on, just because it worked last year, doesn't mean it's going to work this year. So we are going to have to do some different things and do the best job we can to somewhat try to outcoach opponents and do things a little differently. We're not just going to be able to line up and play base football and say we're going to win the game. We're going to have to be creative with it." Q: What will be your emphasis as you hit summer conditioning? Brohm: "I do think we need to get in better running shape and sometimes you want to make sure you're smart with it. We definitely try to be smart with it at times, but I do think some of our guys couldn't hold up throughout the spring practices, so we have to make sure we're running enough. Definitely our skill guys. "In general, we need to add some weight and mass and need to add some strength. The closer you get to the sea- son, the more running, that'll be done. We've got to make sure we're in the best physical condition where we can run at every position and run a lot." j

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