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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 27, ISSUE 5 45 Tackle 1. Gelen Robinson 13 6-1, 283, Sr. 2. Anthony Watts 44 6-4, 296, R-Fr. Weakside Linebacker 1. Markus Bailey 21 6-1, 231, So. 2. Andy Chelf 43 6-0, 195, So. Gelen Robinson might have worn three different numbers during the spring — from 13 to 14 to 99 and back to 13 — but he mostly played only one position. And it wasn't his usual spot. The 6-foot- 1, 283-pounder was on the interior of the defensive line, rather than at D-end, where he had been his first three seasons, including a 2016 season in which he totaled 61 tackles and five sacks. But Purdue is short inside, particularly this spring with Lorenzo Neal out due to injury, so Robinson moved, and it appeared to work exceedingly well. Robinson, a former state wrestling champion, used his strength and leverage to his advantage in pushing around offensive linemen. In the spring game, he recorded a couple of sacks. Will the change stick? Perhaps. He could fit in wherever Purdue has the biggest need. VOLUME 27, ISSUE 5 45 Tario Fuller was a surprise starter in the spring game, beating out D.J. Knox, Richie Worship and Markell Jones for the job. The last wasn't a shock, considering Jones had missed a bulk of practice time with an ailing back, although he did return for the last week. But Fuller over Knox was interesting, because Knox had looked explosive in his return from the ACL injury that had knocked him out all of last season. But this position battle is far from over. Does Jones, who was unimpressive even when healthy this spring, still have an opportunity to win back his job? Probably. But Purdue's most-talented back is going to have to show he's also its most driven. Running Back 1. Tario Fuller 25 6-0, 192, So. 2. D.J. Knox 1 5-7, 206, Jr. OR Richie Worship 36 6-1, 242, So. Right Guard 1. Bearooz Yacoobi 50 6-5, 299, Jr. 2. Eric Ferguson 77 6-2, 301, R-Fr. Right Tackle 1. Eric Swingler 60 6-5, 305, Jr. 2. Ethan Smart 73 6-6, 290, Jr. OR Jalen Neal 75 6-8, 305, Sr. Wide Receiver 1. Jackson Anthrop 33 5-11, 191, R-Fr. None* 2. Tyler Hamilton 6 5-9, 170, Fr. Wide Receiver 1. Anthony Mahoungou 21 6-3, 210, Sr. 2. Benaiah Franklin 20 6-1, 200, R-Fr. — Kyle Charters Free Safety 1. Navon Mosley 27 6-0, 183, So. 2. Simeon Smiley 33 6-0, 197, R-Fr. Cornerback 1. Da'Wan Hunte 2 5-9, 185, Sr. (5) 2. Antonio Blackmon 25 6-0, 198, Jr. End 1. Kai Higgins 98 6-4, 247, So. 2. Keiwan Jones 50 6-2, 271, Jr.

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