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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 27, ISSUE 5 87 2017 Golden Pete Awards Medal of Honor: August Kim, golfer; Jake Replo- gle, football Female Performance of the Year: Devynne Charlton, track and field Male Performance of the Year: Caleb Swani- gan, men's basketball Male Individual Performance of the Year, single event: Steele Johnson, diving Female Individual Performance of the Year, single event: Devynne Charlton, track and field Play of the Year: Steele Johnson, diving Male Newcomer of the Year: Brandon Loschi- avo, diving Female Newcomer of the Year: Emily Meaney, diving Team Performance of the Year, single event: Volleyball Team of the Year: Men's basketball Coach of the Year: Matt Painter, men's basketball Boiler Up Award (spirit and support of other Purdue teams): Track and field Varsity Walk Award: Ashley Morrissette, women's basketball Tom Campbell good with Johnson playing the role of good solid- er, hard-worker with a lack of superior athleticism, prompting Thomas with "hard work is its own re- ward," to which she replied, "rewards are a lot bet- ter." Johnson said he understood that, saying he had a lot of medals … even if they happened to be Olympic medalist brother Steele's. Race Johnson took advantage of the opportunities to jab Steele, who missed the event while he was at another awards show in New York. Even during one award that included Steele vs. Race's football teammate David Blough, Race said he'd have picked his teammate. "I was going to vote for anyone but Steele, just for fun," Johnson said. "It's big brother love." There were other displays of real "love" elsewhere in the show, though. When Matt Painter won Coach of the Year, he actu- ally gave a speech, a rare occurrence at the show, and made sure to thank his players, who he said "made a lot of sacrifices" for the Boilermakers to reach the Sweet 16. Painter said he loved how his team shared the basketball, and on a team that "had more than five starters, that sacrifice can get contagious." Former athletic director Morgan Burke, who is retiring this summer, got some love, too, when he was presented with a special award. He said he was surprised by the award but felt like something could be brewing when he was asked whether he'd be back in time from a trip to the West Coast. Burke appeared to get emotional during his speech, his voice cracking, especially when he thanked wife Kate for her support. He also listed colleagues who'd worked with him the longest and, naturally, thanked the student-athletes he'd gotten to know so well over his tenure. After telling those in attendance that he was keeping a house in West Lafayette and still would pop into practices and games, he had the group repeat, "Boiler up, ham- mer down, hail Purdue." "Thanks for the memories," he said just before he walked off stage. j

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