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18 THE SHOP JUNE 2017 F rom bench racing to tuning valida- tion, customers love to see the results when their engine or vehicle takes a spin on a dynamometer. Dyno ownership is a big step for shops, but one that can lead to big rewards. Dyno days can bring in enthusiastic crowds, while calibration services can open new business avenues. The initial investment in time, money and floor space can be rewarded with gained knowledge, versatility and respect. So, here's a look at engine and chassis dyno ownership, by the numbers. TAKING THE LEAP Manufacturers know that shop owners have questions—lots of questions—when it comes to taking the leap into dyno own- ership. Chances are, you can guess the first one. "Unfortunately, but realistically, the first question is usually how much does a dyno cost," notes Rob Kwasniewicz, Stuska sales and service coordinator at Stuska Dyna- mometer, a division of Power Test, "but that's what everything comes down to when you are a business owner in an economi- cally driven market. At Stuska, we like to think that we do a great job of providing a great deal of customer service value on top of an extremely reliable product at an extremely competitive cost." Once they know how much it will cost, however, savvy shop owners will then want to know how much they can make. "Usually, the number one question is if they can make money using the dyno, and how soon they can pay the dyno off," says Scott Sobie, sales manager – perfor- mance division, Mustang Dynamometer. "I inform everyone that yes, they can abso- lutely make money with an in-house dyno. However, just like anything, you need to market it, and use the dyno as the cash cow that it is designed to be. Successful shops offer dyno tuning, dyno days, indoor drag Engine and chassis dynos save shops time and effort while increasing output. (Photo courtesy SuperFlow Dynamometers) NUMBERS BY THE Dynos: The proof is on the paper. By John Carollo SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT

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