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JUNE/JULY 2017 THE WOLVERINE 63   COMMITMENT PROFILE Garrett and the staff at DeSoto plan to utilize their versatility during their senior seasons as well. Last year, Ge- mon really stood out and German likely would've had he not tore his ACL. German is back to healthy now, and Garrett and his colleagues can't wait to see the two of them roaming the secondary. "Both right now are going through the spring with us at cornerback," Garrett said. "We want to get Ger- man back into the swing of things and really get him moving around. "The guys that are playing safety for us are going to be up by the box and being more of a linebacker, so we've got him at corner. "I don't know what Michigan will decide to do with him when he gets there, but he can play corner. It's great having both of them on oppo- site islands." Garrett also touched on how the boys have developed at different paces. Gemon is the more coveted heading into their senior year, but Garrett wouldn't be surprised if Ger- man caught right back up even after the injury. "I've been coaching them since they were freshmen, so I've seen a lot of them," Garrett said. "Gemon is older by a few minutes, and he's the more mature, more serious one. He's a little bit more business like. "German is a little more outgoing and is a more lovable kid. Athleti- cally, German has numbers that are slightly ahead of Gemon. "During their f r e s h m a n y e a r German was a lit- tle more athletic. Then sophomore year Gemon kind of jumped him. T h e n h e a d i n g into their junior year, unfortunately, German tore his ACL so we didn't really get to see them side by side. "Athletically, they both bring a lot. They both do some things that you just can't teach as a ball coach. They're both long and rangy. They both have a track and field background." Texas analyst Nick Krueger has seen both twins in ac- tion and concurs with Garrett's sen- timents. The versatility and length seem to stand out and allow both to play multiple positions. "Gemon is the guy that is probably most ready to go today and could play a variety of positions in the secondary with his size and athleti- cism," Krueger explained. "German is playing a little catch up after a serious knee injury kept him off the field last season, but being a twin to Gemon, physically there are obviously a lot of similarities." Krueger also touched on the im- portance of landing a talented pair of players out of Texas and, more specifically, out of DeSoto. "The commitments of Gemon and German Green to Michigan are a big deal, not so much in the sense that they are instant difference makers on the field. Both present a lot of up- side as players and were big names from a power program in the Dallas- Fort Worth area of Texas," Krueger explained. "By taking the pair, Michigan bet- ters the chances of keeping both guys committed. And if both reach their potential as players on the field, it could be a huge two-for-one get for the Wolverines." With around nine months left un- til National Signing Day, recruiting won't stop for the Green twins. Ger- man is coming back from a knee in- jury so other coaching staffs will defi- nitely keep an eye on him. Both have a lot to prove still and could end up getting pressed hard to stay closer to home. With that being said, Michigan fans shouldn't be worried according to Gemon. "I'm 100 per- cent committed to Michigan; we both are," Gemon said. "If colleges are still recruiting me I'll text back and say 'What's up,' but I'm solid to Michigan. We are coming back up to Ann Arbor in the fall, maybe for an official visit for a game." Garrett solidified the boys' stance and believes them wholeheartedly when they say they won't waver. "They are extremely loyal kids. I can't say exactly what the future holds, but for right now they are all about Michigan. I know that for a fact," Garrett said. "A lot of programs chose to offer Gemon and not German because of that injury, and I think the fact that Michigan likes them both was big for them." Gemon was a key contributor for the defending Class 6A Division II state champions last season, finishing with 57 tackles, 25 pass deflections and two interceptions. He earned first-team all-district honors after his stellar season. German, unfortunately, missed the entire season aside from the last couple of playoff games because of the knee injury. As of May 8, the U-M staff had pro- cured eight commitments in the 2018 class including three from the state of Georgia (running back Christian Turner, defensive back Myles Sims and linebacker Otis Reese) and two from the Lone Star State with the Green twins in the fold. That collec- tion of talent gave Michigan the No. 16 class in the country as of May 8. — Brandon Brown German — a 6-2, 180-pound safety — missed most of his junior campaign due to a knee injury, but compares favorably to his twin brother athletically. PHOTO BY NICK LUCERO/COURTESY RIVALS.COM Texas analyst Nick Krueger "… If both [Gemon and Ger- man] reach their potential as players on the field, it could be a huge two-for-one get for the Wolverines."

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