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24 • RV PRO • June 2017 rv-pro.com R V M A N U F A C T U R E R S Wi-Fi in a Chevy Cruze that retails for under $20,000, why wouldn't you have it in a $130,000 to $900,000 motorhome?' It defies logic. You have to have that. Engineering stepped up and got with our suppliers and sourced out what I think are a couple of really good ways to access Wi-Fi." "We've listened to the customers and I feel like we've brought out something in the New Aire that's not going to be for every customer – it's not going to fit every need – but it seems like there's a growing population of customers who may have been driving Essex or King Aire or big 45-foot diesel pushers who just don't want to drive the big rigs anymore," Newmar President Matt Miller said. "It feels easier to drive and get around. So, that's really the answer to that market, is the New Aire. It has real good zip and the turning radius is phenomenal. It's small. You can maneuver in and out of Cracker Barrel and Walmart." Foundation Collaboration New Aire is built exclusively on a Freightliner chassis that was designed in teamwork with Newmar engineers to get the most out of the technology. "Our goal was to build a smaller unit, but still give those high end amenities and feel and storage capacity," said Bryan Henke, Freightliner manager of product marketing and stra- tegic planning. "What came out was essentially our popular straight-rail XES ISB, but it has a side radiator. Then it has independent front suspension. With the Newmar STAR plat- form that is put on top of our chassis, it has increased storage from what it would be on a normal entry level." Two other features Freightliner brought to the table were the OptiView and Roadwatch. OptiView is a fully integrated, all-digital LCD instrument cluster to help the driver monitor functions and surroundings of the coach. The gauges are fully integrated with engine infor- mation, warning lights and more. OptiView provides access to how-to videos so that an operator doesn't have to go looking for instruction manuals as well. The intuitive menu displays information from inputs, including auxiliary USB and Bluetooth. RoadWatch improves vehicle safety through electronic sta- bility control with roll stability. It also includes adaptive cruise control, allowing the driver to set a speed, but the vehicle mon- itors the lane ahead of the coach and auto-adjusts speed when approaching a vehicle or obstacle ahead and it alerts the driver The New Aire driver's console features enhanced controls and functionality that come with the Freightliner chassis, which was customized in tandem with Newmar's engineers. With Freightliner's chassis paired with Newmar's STAR Foundation, the New Aire has ample storage space typical of a much larger motorhome.

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