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30 • RV PRO • June 2017 rv-pro.com "Being the first put us ahead – and in the RV industry, if you don't say on the front edge, you don't last," Miller says. Subsequently, in the late 1990s, Newmar became the first manufacturer to offer full-body paint on its towable and motor- home products. The Next Generation In 2006, Mahlon Miller's son, Matt, became president of Newmar Corp. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. Change and innovation are at the heard of Matt Miller's vision for the company's next 50 years, but he also knows where his priorities lie. "Our mission statement is to first and foremost to honor God in all our business practices and everything we do," Matt Miller says. "If you have the proper perspective of business and understand that it's a much bigger world than just building motorhomes and you don't get too wrapped up in your own world and you're willing to listen to customers – that culture just permeates our business." Newmar has long had a stated goal of giving RV owners the perfect vehicle. The ultimate goal is no defects, no recalls, no service reports Newmar Chairman Dick Parks put's the RV maker's mis- sion in a nutshell: "As we put God first, with the help of our talented people, we can be first in product and service leadership and then – and only then – can we provide a profit to our dealers," he says. He adds that customers only show up in a service department because "we made a mistake. We want them on the road and happy. Good quality is a result of a company's quality." Matt Miller acknowledges that it may not be a realistic goal to have the perfect vehicle. There are just too many moving parts coming from too many different suppliers and being assembled by too many different people to expect everything to work perfectly. Then take into consideration the fact that an RV is a home on wheels rather than a stationary structure and any number of possibilities are added. And don't even get started on a long-trusted supplier being bought out by a company with different priorities. "It's probably not realistic to say we'll ever get there, because they're not simple machines," he says. "They're very com- plicated. But that is our goal. We've set a more realistic goal that if at least the first 90 days could be defect-free. Maybe we can get to that. Knowing that our product will never be perfect, making sure our customer service is just phenomenal is equally important." Focused on the Future Although the 50th anniversary of the company might have seemed like the perfect opportunity to resurrect the Kountry Aire fifth wheel, Matt Miller says he doesn't ever see the com- pany going back in that direction. Part of the reason is that Newmar found it very difficult to efficiently build motorized and towables on the same pro- duction line. But the main reason is the changing nature of the towable market. Every model year 2018 Newmar motorhome will feature a badge commemorating the company's 50th anniversary. R V M A N U F A C T U R E R S Matt Miller became president of Newmar in 2006, assuming the role his father, Mahlon Miller, had previously held.

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