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rv-pro.com June 2017 • RV PRO • 55 It was a big benefit that there was a lot we were able to teach each other." The two companies also will be able to cross-pollinate products, Ein says, in part because their markets – RV and auto – are so linked together. "Covercraft is auto and ADCO spe- cializes in the RV industry and 80 percent or more of the RV market is towables," Ein says. "And 100 percent of those customers own pickup trucks to pull those towables. Covercraft produces thousands of products for pickup trucks. There is just a major potential for cross-pollination here." The deal also brings more capital to the table, which Ein describes as valuable for continued company growth. "We've always struggled to keep up with the demand as ADCO," he says. "Now we have more money to invest in inventory. Most of the products that we sell are in the fall for winterization of RVs and it was a huge burden for us to have the right things on-hand at the right time to satisfy that small window of time. So, now we have the ability to carry more stock." And with those 700 employees spread around in three factories in North America – in Oklahoma, Texas and Mexico – the com- bined company also is much better prepared to deal with whatever political winds occur to change the world of exports and imports. "We are positioned to better deal with any storm that might come with the change in export and import tariffs," Ein says. "There is a big push to bring stuff back to America and ADCO is well-po- sitioned to deal with that." The reaction by dealers has been over- whelmingly positive to the deal, according to Ein. "We have seen that our premier dealer program is continuing its momentum," he says. Under that program, similar to an authorized dealer program, ADCO locates its best RV dealers and offers a partner- ship to become a premier ADCO dealer in exchange for getting shelf space. The dealer, in return, gets purchasing incen- tives and training and sales support. Called the Premier Dealer Program, it was started in the summer of 2016 and to date more than 650 dealers have signed on, Ein says. The reaction by dealers has been "all positive," he says. "ADCO has been the industry leader in this (RV) space for decades and we feel it is our obligation to push the envelope when it comes to RV protection products," Ein says. "This will help us to amplify our product development efforts, which helps our dealers at the end of the day. New product development is a huge, huge part of this." In addition to increased inventory and the new-found ability to meet demand during high-volume months, the addi- tional personnel has expanded ADCO's customer support abilities. From 28 to more than 700 employees overall as a combined company is not a benefit to be overlooked, and Ein says customer sup- port and service will increase significantly. Indeed, each company has brought its own set of positives to the new partner- ship, Ein says. Covercraft, he says, "is the undisputed leader in the automotive custom-pat- terned vehicle accessory business – inclu- sive of car covers, UVS windshield covers, floor mats, dash mats, seat covers and bras. The merger creates an opportu- nity to sell its products within ADCO's distribution network. The merger also Post-merger, ADCO continues to operate out of its offices in Northridge, Calif. (pictured). Covercraft is based in Pauls Valley, Okla. www.bbinsservices.com

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