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60 • RV PRO • June 2017 rv-pro.com A F T E R M A R K E T And, with today's electric demands, the importance of that cleaner power can't be underestimated. " T h e i n v e r t e r means it's output- ting at a very consis- tent electric flow and doesn't have the spikes that would short out some sensitive electronics," says Angelo Godina, marketing man- ager-private brands/RV for the Tualatin, Ore.-based Keystone/ NTP-STAG, which markets its in-house brand of gen- erators under the Powerhouse Products name. "For instance, we've been able to add a USB port, so people can charge directly, and it's safe for televisions, phones, tablets – anything like that." Innovation in the Marketplace Nor is that cleaner power the only advantage to inver ter generators. Although features vary from manufac- turer to manufacturer, in general they are lighter, quieter and use less fuel than traditional generators. One of the biggest indictments of traditional generators is that if an RV owner is using one, its noise makes that fact no secret to anyone else nearby. By comparison, inverter generators aren't necessarily running at full speed. "They don't have to," says Tim Sheehan, national accounts manager for Yamaha Motor Corp. U.S.A., based in Cypress, Calif. "There's a controller inside and when you plug in a device it will actually sense what the load is and the engine speed will match that partic- ular wattage draw." The end result: If the inverter gener- ator is charging up someone's laptop or running the lights, there isn't much of a draw so it's not running at full speed, reducing the noise. Plus, these devices are typically fully enclosed packages and built with sound-absorbing material rather than being a motor on a frame. To further enhance the user expe- Honda is credited with introducing the first inverter generator to the market. Inverter technology results in "cleaner" power, meaning it has consistent electrical flow that makes it safer for sensitive electronics. Like other generator makers, Honda offers the ability to run two generators in parallel to generate more combined power.

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