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86 • RV PRO • June 2017 rv-pro.com B U S I N E S S Shocked No More Given that electrical hazards can damage RVs and pose safety risks to RVers, dealers owe it to customers to educate them on the risks and to educate them about the merits of electrical protection products. W ith the rapid rise in the use of sen- sitive electrical equipment and elec- tronics in the RV industry, the need for electrical protection has never been more necessary. Exposure to faulty power, at some point, will impact most RV owners and lead to a costly service visit and down time from camping. The end result may be misinterpreted as a defective or low-quality component, rather than being diagnosed as the result of faulty power. So, it is more important than ever to be informed on the electrical issues that RV owners face and what options are available to protect them and their investment. Back in 2010, No Shock Zone conducted a short survey with RVTravel.com's member base and found that nearly 22 percent of the respon- dents had been shocked or knew someone that had been shocked from touching an RV. It is imperative to understand that the dangers of faulty power goes beyond just protecting the RV – there also is a risk of injury. Most people understand the potential of a power surge, which is why a vast majority of people protect their household electronics with surge protectors. While power surges do occur, there are multiple other electrical conditions that occur with the same or higher frequency. These include: • High voltage: High voltage can lead to equipment and circuit board damage. Notably, 120-volt equipment is only designed to operate safely within a spe- cific range of voltage. High voltage can occur if a customer plugs their RV into a 240-volt receptacle or when heavy power Given the rise in sensitive electrical equipment and electronics in RVs, the need for electrical protection has never been greater. By Bobby Raatz Bobby Raatz is the national sales manager, mobile power, for Southwire Co., formerly Technology Resource Corp., which makes surge guards and related electrical safety products for the RV industry. For more information about Southwire, visit www.trci.net.

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