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A versatile adhesive lineup that looks to lower production costs is making its way across the North American OEM RV market. After more than 30 years serving the U.K. and European transportation and RV markets, Kennesaw, Ga.-based supplier Chemique is rolling out its Solfre adhesive lineup to U.S. RV makers. The Solfre line offers applications ideal for bonding to foam, composite and honeycomb core materials. Solfre adhesives can be applied manually or automatically by rolling, beading or spraying, making this group of products extremely versatile and offering the ability to complement a wide variety of production methods and requirements. ONE- OR TWO-STEP, COLD PRESS Chemique's Solfre1 is a one-component polyurethane adhesive suitable for a range of applications. This adhesive is available in a variety of standard formulas and open times to suit many different production requirements. Solfre1 has the following benefits: • Moisture cure • Variety of working times • Cold press adhesive • No specialist storage requirements Solfre2 offers a two-component, polyurethane adhesive that is a unique alternative to epoxies, one-part polyurethanes, solvent-based adhesives and hot melts. As a solvent-free adhesive, Solfre2 overcomes the problem of trapped solvent or moisture pockets and consequent delamination, improving the bond quality. Meanwhile, lower coat weight compared to conventional polyurethane adhesives contributes to greater bond performance, and no moisture requirement for curing means cure times are not affected by humidity. Together, these Solfre2 features deliver reduced production costs in the following ways: • Lower coat weights mean less adhesive in comparison to alternative products • Faster panel production line speeds • Panels can be cold pressed, keeping energy costs to a minimum • There are no special storage requirements SOLFRE2 HONEYCOMB Solfre2 Honeycomb is an extension of the Solfre2 family that is specially formulated for manufacturing honeycomb panels and composite products. The Solfre2 Honeycomb range combines the unique properties associated with the Solfre2 range, giving superior bond strength while maintaining low coat weights and flexibility. Solfre2 Honeycomb adhesives ensure maximum bond strength on minimal contact surface area. The unique rheology of the product allows the adhesive to form a wicking effect on the wall of the honeycomb core, therefore increasing the bond contact surface area. Solfre2 Honeycomb Clear is a unique transparent adhesive that is ideal for bonding glass, clear acrylic or polycarbonate sheets to a wide variety of metallic polymeric materials. TOTAL SERVICE PACKAGE GUARANTEE Chemique not only works closely with its customers to provide formulations that suit specific needs, but also includes a fully trained staff to offer ongoing technical support for production analysis, equipment installation and equipment service. Sign up for a free product demo, and be entered to win an Apple Watch. The winner will be drawn at the end of July. To sign up or learn more about the Solfre line, or any of Chemique's adhesive solutions, visit http://pages. chemiqueadhesives.com/rvpro, scan the QR Code below with a mobile device or call 770-451-2904. CHEMIQUE'S SOLFRE LINEUP IDEAL FOR PANEL ADHESION Paid Advertorial SUPPLIER AIMS TO LOWER PRODUCTION COSTS

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