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June '17

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • June 2017 • 19 together into a trough. When they mix together, the chemicals begin to foam up. The foam is produced using continuous manufacturing that creates a 200-yard- long, 12-inch block of foam. "The benefit of doing it this way is the cells are much tighter together and produces the characteristics people really like about our board," he says. "Not too many people are using wood anymore. Most have switched to these products," Burnett says. The downside to this business is that it isn't the easiest thing to get into. Shops need a CNC machine or a sandblaster to start. If not, they can outsource the CNC machining and then they can finish the sign with paint. These wall decorations were carved from DUNA-USA's CORAFOAM board for the Starbucks in Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida. (Photos courtesy of Oak Branch Manufacturing)

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