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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • June 2017 • 65 carbon fiber films. The film has Avery Dennison's Easy Apply RS technology which allows the vinyl to be positioned faster and applied without bubbles. It also aids in long term removability. Depending on the zone, a two-to-four year vertical durability is expected. Carbon fiber options are also available from many other manufacturers. Be sure to check out the spec sheets for expected performance, adhesive types and water- craft use. These spec sheets also contain important tips; for example, 3 M advises not applying waxes or polishes over their carbon fiber films. Installation Tips Many specialty films have unique characteristics that have to be considered during the installation process. These directional characteristics can alter the way the material looks on the wall or vehicle depending on how it was applied. Be sure to use film bearing the same lot number for an entire application. You want to avoid the possibility of any differences in the film that may occur between different lots of material. Also, avoid alternating between lengthwise and width-wise panels when install- ing the graphics. This can change the appearance of the finished application due to the film's inherent directionality. For this hot rod the customer requested a silver carbon fiber to accent the side steps. Silver carbon fiber was installed on the hood, mirrors and front of this Jeep to create decorative accents.

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