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June 2017

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Product News EMAIL: 03 03 READER ENQUIRY 4 Paving & Hard Landscaping Creating a lasting impression. Page 13 L a n d s c a p e & A m e n i t y w w w . l a n d s c a p e a n d a m e n i t y. c o m June 2017 Special Feature Spotlight on 2 and 4-wheel tractors. Build stewardship into your weed strategy Monsanto UK Ltd. PO Box 663, Cambourne, Cambridge CB1 0LD. For further information on Roundup ® contact the Monsanto Technical Helpline on 01954 717575. Email: Web: Roundup is a registered trademark of Monsanto LLC. Roundup contains Glyphosate. USE HERBICIDES SAFELY. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND PRODUCT INFORMATION BEFORE USE. © Monsanto (UK) Ltd 2017. n High load 480g/l glyphosate n Less packaging waste n Clean, non-hazardous label* n Less risk for transport & storage n Drift reduction properties n Less risk of damage to non target areas n Rainfast in 1 hour n Less risk of run off, more glyphosate gets to roots *UK Pesticide Legislation Giving you the Advantage Roundup Pro Vantage_80x277_Layout 1 13/03/2017 15:24 Page 1 Both the Parks Alliance and Fields in Trust have given whichever Government is formed after this month's General Election a blueprint for safeguarding the future of our parks and green spaces. Ahead of the vote, both organisations released details Next Government given blueprint for saving parks and green spaces Research made available to the Amenity Forum has concluded that a local authority ban on common weed killers used in the professional amenity and garden sectors which contain glyphosate would add £228 million to council tax bills each year The ban could force some UK councils to spend considerable sums in capital outlays to replace conventional spraying systems with alternative approaches The figures come at a time when no less than 30 local authorities are being lobbied by some in their communities to ban the same weed killers that are used in amenity areas and gardens throughout the UK. The research shows that a ban on weed killers containing glyphosate would add £228 Ban on common weed killer could create £228m bombshell As the summer tennis seasons gets under way the focus shifts to the quality of playing surfaces at the venues hosting major tournaments in 2017, including the main event at Wimbledon. Choosing the correct mower for the type of surface that is being maintained – for tennis that's a reel mower. The reel mower was invented by Edwin Budding in 1827 and has remained primarily unchanged for nearly 200 years, until the Cub Cadet Infinicut came about. The Cub Cadet Infinicut has one of the shortest footprints of any walk behind mower on the market allowing ultra-low heights of cut. It is a visually striking machine available with an all new dual power source – hybrid engine/generator power system or LiPo battery power to reduce noise and improve fuel efficiency. Infinicut is a game changer for tennis million to the UK's council tax bill each year. Amenity Forum Chairman, Professor John Moverley OBE, commented: "We recognize concerns can arise but, in dealing with them, we need a rational debate based upon science and facts. The management of weeds and pests in amenity impacts upon every UK citizen. "Nobody working in the professional amenity sector would wish to do anything to endanger public health and safety and always makes use of all options available. Any weed killer coming to market undertakes rigorous testing before it is released and during its use." Amenity Forum Enquiry 1 of their parks manifesto. The election presented an opportunity to ensure the UK's parks, playing fields and green spaces are addressed as a vital national issue by the next government. Fields in Trust is calling on the next government to recognise the vital contribution that parks and playing fields make to the physical health and mental wellbeing of our communities. C h i e f E x e c u t i v e , H e l e n Griffiths said: "Fields in Trust's submission to last year's Communities and Local Government Committee's Public Parks Inquiry called for a change in the way public green space is conceived, not as a drain on spending that requires a considerable amount of money to maintain - but rather as an asset which can be deployed to achieve longer term savings and happier, healthier more connected communities. "It is important that we re-value the enormous contribution our green spaces make to our communities." The FiT Manifesto for Parks furthers the calls set out in our CLG Inquiry submission through four policy "green lines": championing our parks is about revaluing our green spaces to ensure their contribution to society is properly recognised; supporting our communities calls for parks to be available to all; activating our nation puts parks at the heart of efforts to create a healthier nation; and protecting our green future looks at how the next generations require a safeguarding of our parks today. Fields in Trust Enquiry 2 The Parks Alliance has released six 'park pledges' which it encourages both the next Government and opposition parties to embrace. They are: 1. Continue to appoint a Minister for Parks as a key priority, ensuring that they have a good understanding of the sector and resources to champion parks and open spaces. 2. Commit to respond to the House of Commons Communities and Local Government Select Committee "Parks" report as soon as possible following the election and act upon the recommendations through the establishment of a Cross Departmental Working Group and parks 'Task Force'. 3. Prepare, resource and implement a parks/open space strategy that leads to investment in the sector and helps identify robust, effective and innovative funding, governance and management models for parks. 4. Work with local authorities to reverse and mitigate the impact of cuts; protect funding; and generate sustainable income streams for the parks and spaces that are so vital to our health and well-being. 5. To champion parks within Parliament and work with their local authority to identify a 'Park Champion' in each council. 6. Commit to ensure the Brexit process, particularly the transition of legislation to the UK, leads to genuine enhancements for parks and open spaces. Inside Knowledge interview with Phillip Coxill from Lilleshall Page 14 Aerators Focus on the latest product innovations. Page 17- 19 Sweepers, Collectors, Blowers and Vacuums The machines that clean up. Page 15-16 On page 4 this month we take an in-depth look at preparations for the AEGON Trophy series at The Northern Lawn Tennis Club, in West Didsbury, the A E G O N I n t e r n a t i o n a l a t Eastbourne and the Wimbledon tournament at the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Cub Cadet Enquiry 3

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