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18 THE SHOP JULY 2017 L ike many items that seem to just appear in front of you as if they've always belonged, the way that running boards and steps fit your customer's truck or SUV is important not only for getting in and out of the vehicle, but also to complete the look that your customers want—to make what might be any new truck into something just a little more custom and personalized. That step is an item that can be over- looked, until it's not there, which is when customers realize they are not just for looks, but to get in and out of the vehicle easier. But, looks still count and every customer has their own priorities, so we asked a few shops what the running boards and steps market is like in their neck of the woods. Here are a few of the shop perspectives we gathered. THE SHOP : What are the best-selling running board items these days? Joe Hair, Integrity Customs, Tulsa, Oklahoma: All Aboard Steps & running boards give shops a lift nationwide. Our most popular steps are N-FAB nerf steps. People like the design and the fact that it's just a bit different but still functional. We also do a good amount of AMP Research POWERSTEPS, but the price continues to rise on those and I'm seeing them slow down. Burns Smith, Custom Trucks, Huntsville, Ala- bama: TrailFX Trapezoid are the most pop- ular steps; AMP Research power boards are our most popular running boards. Running boards and steps are popular with drivers who want to add function and good looks to their trucks and SUVs. (Photo courtesy ARIES) Aesthet- ics play an important role in step and board selection. (Photo courtesy ARIES)

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