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2 0 1 7 • WRAPS • 87 not pressure activated like 3M, Avery Dennison and Orafol. This means any recessed area and—especially edges— must be post-heated as soon as that section was finished—whether a hood, fender or bumper. Waiting until the end of the job is too late. Good to know, so next time I got Hexis wrap film I post- heated right away, even on the edges, and calculated for longer install times based on longer post heating. The final wrap held perfectly. For fleets in Europe, calender is widely used. In the Netherlands, around six years ago a large company called TBI slotted to wrap their entire fleet with around 150 cars scheduled per year. The first year (early days of color- change films), the best color match and film option was actually Avery Dennison 900 SC (cut vinyl film). One vehicle took two installers around 15 hours to wrap. The next few years, the film was replaced with Mactac Tuning film, which is a calender film. The install is different than with cast as it involves more inlays, edge seal tape for the underside, more post heating and Mold 'n' Hold for the mirrors. However, due to a less aggres- sive adhesive and more manageable thickness (900 SC is 2 mil and Tuning is 4.25) it took one installer 9-12 hours to wrap a vehicle. This year, the film has now switched to Avery Dennison SWF, which is a pre- mium cast film. This means fewer inlays, less post-heating and now it's one installer in 7-8 hours. What you can see over the years is constant adaptation on the num- ber of installers, techniques used, material costs and brands simply based on doing the black and white. That's why the com- pany that manages this job, Omnimark, is so successful. This fleet of over 700 cars has been wrapped with Avery Dennison 900SC to Mactac Tuning film to Avery Dennison SWF – adaptation in black and white with high profits of green. Alltak Krusher (left): looks like bed liner material – used for colorchange and full print. Alltak Jataedo (right): subtle sand grain texture that turns a standard 2D black matte into 3D. These cars were wrapped in the finals for the Cambea #7 wrap contest in Brazil in March – Alltak calendar full print textured film – no lamination – two installers on each car, all done in under five hours with client ready quality. What is the "black and white"? Read the fine print of the product bulletins, absorb specific information from a product video or go to a chat forum and ask before you wrap.

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