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106 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 Wrap Essentials RESOURCES TOOLS, SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT BLADE CAGE FOR WRAPPERS WBC Graphics, Orlando, Florida, introduces the Blade Cage, a revolutionary sharps container specifically designed for the safe management of the snap-blade type razor cutters used by many wraps and graphics installers. The Blade Cage is an aluminum shell equipped with a slim knife slot that perfectly fits most snap type razor blades. It allows the user to achieve a quick and clean snap every time while safely storing used razors within the interior compartment. A magnet within the compartment ensures that used blade tips remain secure within the cage until the user wishes to properly dispose of them, thus keeping the entire work area free of razor blade hazards. Available in a variety of colors. For more information, visit VINYL REMOVAL TOOL MONTI Tools, GmbH, Bonn, Germany, showcases the Vinyl Zapper, a high-performance tool designed specially for adhesive and vinyl removal in the sign and automotive industry. The patented Vinyl Zapper removes vinyl, adhesive residues, reflecting foils, stickers, pin-stripes and double- sided adhesive tape from acrylic paints on metal surfaces, including wood, aluminum, as well as adhesive residues from moldings. The result is no damage to paintwork. The "rubber" is suitable for use on water-based paints, glass, fiber, reinforced plastics, Plexiglas and acrylic glass. The big difference to other methods of vinyl removal is that the Vinyl Zapper operates with a peeling motion and not with rubbing techniques. The result is that the tool doesn't care about the age of the film—one year or 18 years—the vinyl can be stripped away in seconds. No leftover residue. For more information, visit MEDIA STORAGE PRODECO, Pompano Beach, Florida, introduces a material handling and storage system for wide-format printers called HangMyMedia. Based around a unique hang device designed to support wide-format media rolls from 15" to 64" wide, the system offers various rolling carts used to efficiently store and easily transport paper stock throughout a production shop. Hardware is also available for stationary hanging storage along walls. Each hang device is accompanied by a unique Snap-to-Wrap Roll ID Tag. It simply snaps over the media roll to keep it from unfurling, and maintains a re-writable label to mark the identity of the stock. Change stock? Just wipe off the label with a damp cloth and write on it again. For information, visit www. LATEX-PRINTABLE MAGNET Magnum Magnetics, Marietta, Ohio, announces the launch of its printable magnetic media that has received HP's certification for their 300 Series latex printers. The new product, MuscleMag Latex, is high-energy magnet designed to be stronger than a refrigerator magnet, making it perfect for large format signage, P.O.P., and in-store displays. MuscleMag Latex is certified to print fully magnetized, and is outdoor rated for one year. Many retailers that use large-format signs prefer magnetic signage because it holds up well and is easier to remove and replace than paper or plastic. MuscleMag Latex runs on many commercial latex printers, much like paper stock. It features a semi-gloss backcoating for easy feeding and comes in 50' rolls. Its standard thickness is 19 mil (.48mm) overall, but can be custom-ordered to different thicknesses. Magnum can also customize roll lengths and widths, laminates, and adhesive backings for specific customer needs. For information, visit www. PRINT HEAD DOCTOR UPGRADE Digital Sign Technologies Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, has redesigned its flagship product Print Head Doctor to be controlled from mobile devices and connected to the cloud. They are adding new upgrade options to their machines to improve the user experience. The new Print Head Doctor 13 is the latest model in the line of "Connected PHD" print head cleaning machines that can be controlled from an Android smartphone or a tablet. Currently available on Google Play, the app connects to the PHD machines via Bluetooth and allows complete remote control of all machine functions, diagnostics, and creation of customized cleaning cycles. It also allows taking pictures of the print head condition and saves the print head cleaning progress log into the cloud for easy access by the users. For information, visit www. WRAP REMOVAL SYSTEM ImageOne Impact, Rancho Santa Margarita, California, introduces The P.O.D. (Pressure On Demand) Steamer for the application and removal of any brand of vehicle wrap film, paint protection film, and window tint film as well as for pre- and post-cleaning. The powerful pressurized flow of steam softens the material, which allows you to eliminate some of the most common installation difficulties such as broken glue, "stretch marks," silvering, whitening of chrome films and even tiny particles that get under the film. One of the great features of the P.O.D. Steamer is that the steam is delivered at a reduced temperature so it doesn't harm the film or the installer. The P.O.D. Pressure On Demand 2.0 System is specially designed to work as a non-corrosive and non- chemical steaming technique. Our multi-functional set of interchangeable heads are ideal for steaming almost everything on your car inside and out. For information, visit

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