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14 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 BUSINESS & SALES bility (74%). Other important factors include print quality (63%), price point (55%) and color fastness/fade resistance (52%). Interestingly, less than 10 percent of shops say that environmentally friendly films (ie. PVC-free) are of primary importance to them. Wrap Tools—Nearly all wraps businesses use a variety of different tools including top products such as squeegees (99%), cutters/knives (97%), heat guns/lamps (97%) and prep cleaners (94%). Many shops use wrap magnets (82%), knifeless tape (78%), rolling stools (78%), and body gear (50%). Other tools mentioned but not listed included rivet brushes, edge sealers, platforms/scaffolding, ladders and weed burners. Warranties and Certifications Almost all shops (88%) offer some kind of warranty for the wrap work they com- plete. Of those shops offering warranties, most (54%) offer a combination warranty based on the film manufacturer's warranty and a shop warranty. About 18 percent of shops offer warranties offered by film manufacturers, and fewer (16%) offer only a shop warranty. Installer certifications for individuals and shops are growing in popularity, but the majority of shops (50%) say they do not use certified installers—that's slightly down from last year when 52 percent of shops reported having no certifications. Certifications—for individual installers and for the shops themselves—are being earned from a range of certifying bodies currently available to the industry. It is important to note that criteria for installer certifica- tion vary greatly from certifying body to certifying body. The majority of shops report that continuing education for installers is coming from YouTube (68%), online training resources (69%), and industry trade magazines such as WRAPS maga- zine (49%), trade shows (44%), and apprenticeships (24%). Networks, Social Media and Marketing Installer Networks—Installer net- works are becoming more popular in the industry as a way for wraps installers to extend their customer reach. The report found that the majority of wraps shops (77%) do not have an affiliation with an installer network. However, about 23 percent of shops report that they would be likely or very likely to outsource to an installer network. Social Media Presence—Many shops looking for inexpensive ways to market themselves turn to social media outlets to establish a marketing presence on multi- ple forums. Nearly all shops (93%) report using social media outlets for business, and actively manage a Facebook account. Of those, more than half (56%) of respon- dants said that social media has led to an increase in sales over the last year. Shop Truck—Many wraps marketing experts agree that a wrapped shop truck is one of the most useful marketing tools available to a wrap shop. About 42 per- cent of respondents say they update the wrap on their shop vehicle at least every other year. Conclusions Key findings in this report indicate that shops are doing quite well with wraps and that the industry itself is healthy and growing. By and large, shops are quite profitable and the outlook is positive. Manufacturers continue to offer viable products that shops need, and that make the wrapping process more efficient and the wraps themselves more durable. At the same time shop owners are embrac- ing new products and are participating in continuing wraps education. Color intensity (68%) was a top consideration for wraps businesses when selecting a printer, followed by ink permanence and ease of maintenance (67%). Color Intensity 68% Ink Permanence 67% Ease of Maintenance 67% Price 66% Build Quality 55% Output Speed 47% Strength of Warranty 42% Attributes that Influence Printer Purchasing Decisions The majority of shops printing in-house are using printers with eco-solvent or light-solvent inks, while about 23% are using printers equipped with latex inks. Other ink types were also indicated. Eco-Solvent/Light Solvent 57% Latex 23% True Solvent 4% UV-cure 2% Other 6% Ink Type Used 93% of businesses that report using social media outlets for business actively manage a Facebook account.

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