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28 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 BUSINESS & SALES I had the opportunity to talk with both Susanne Tuor and her busi- ness partner Sino Tour about Icon Image Graphics, based in Cerritos, California, and their growth in the industry. How did you get started? Before I began Icon Image Graphics with my business part- ner, Sino Tour, I worked at General Electric ( G.E.) leasing trailers for their fleet department. I was first introduced to vinyl graphics during one of our client's national fleet pro- grams about a decade ago. Fueled by a desire to always be independent and self-employed, I had an idea to create my own business in the wrap industry. Before we expanded into other areas of the industry, our immediate focus was strictly on fleet wrap conversions for corporate accounts. I thought this new career venture would be a perfect way to reinvent myself… and possibly, reinvent the wrap game. I saw wrapping as a specialized craft and art form where we are able to change or enhance the visual aesthetics of a vehicle, a room, Susanne Tuor Icon Image Graphics Cerritos, Calif. Women WHO WRAP wall, a walkway or any object. With vinyl wraps, we also have the chance to present a client's company or brand in a dynamic way that will hopefully create a surge of new customers and opportunities for them. How have you learned to wrap over the years - Are you self- taught, attended classes, attended training? To some extent, all of the above. I was originally self-taught in the art of vinyl wrapping, but now I make sure my training is up-to-date. My company holds certifications with many repu- table graphic manufacturers, such as 3 M (including DI-NOC,) Hexis, Nano Fusion PPF and Expel. Have you attended any training classes? I think it is imperative for both upcoming and established installers to continue their training so they can develop and maintain their installation skills. As certain films are being upgraded, shelved or created for the market each quarter, it is an installer's duty to stay on top of all the latest media from all the manufacturers that he or she uses for projects. My wraps skills are improved with each field experience that I am on—I still learn something new every day and I share my findings with my team. Have you had any positive or negative experiences, as a female, while working in the wraps industry? Professionalism is gender neutral. To be the best in this industry, you must possess talent, drive, an eye for design and a way with clients that sets you apart from the competition. As both an installer and sales rep for the company, I have had moments of victory working with both Hollywood elite and fleet/corporate accounts that have tested my character as we raced the clock to meet a deadline. At the end of the day, contract Piano wrap for Dixie Chicks World Tour and Heisman Gold Nissan.

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