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30 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 BUSINESS & SALES terms do not care if I am male or female. The only thing that matters is the quality we deliver. When I first started in this industry, certain customers imme- diately dismissed me as not being a sufficient or competent wrapper simply because I was a woman. To this day, I feel as though I can do the same job, if not better and faster, than my male counterparts. It has never been my mission to break down a societal stigma that has existed for centuries, but I do see positive changes of how I am perceived these days among customers and my peers. It is really a shame, because I find such enthusiasm and satisfaction in all areas of the wrap busi- ness. With a willpower to always succeed, I am never one to let something like this ever keep me down. What is your favorite type of wrap to do? I am drawn to the large fleet programs we have been hired to convert for our clients. It is those programs that have the most organizational requirements, challenges, moving parts and even headaches—both in the office and on the field. When these pro- grams are done correctly and deadlines are firmly met, it feels like such a huge accomplishment. I enjoy how the fleet wraps are constantly changing with ingenious or offbeat designs that gives you that creative spark or initial germ for other assignments. Over the years, it is interesting, yet frightening, to see many recognizable, corporate giants undergo a rebrand or merger of their fleet… while some companies are not as fortunate and have gone out of business. Nonetheless, our services are required during this awkward, but lucrative phase. In what ways do you and/or your shop stand out from your local competition? We are a full-service installation house with an elite team of talented wrappers and office personnel. In addition to our Santa Fe Springs shop, we are also mobile, and service all of the West Coast, which makes us heavily in demand for national fleet conversions. Our success also relies on a diverse portfolio of unconventional wraps for many different industries, including the world of entertainment. It is these entertainment-related projects that have put us on the map, and have garnered us much praise and support from graphic manufacturers, vendors, peers, clients, etc. What do you feel makes you good at doing vehicle wraps? As an installer, designer, sales person or all of those roles. I would confidently say that by combining all three of those roles—installer, designer, and sales rep—makes me incredibly proficient in vehicle wraps. Although I have an affinity for sales and find it a rewarding part of my job, I learned that being well versed in all three roles (I refer to it as being a "triple-threat") is beneficial in gaining new insights, experience, and knowledge into any type of wrap job. For example, I am able to steer a project or program into another direction and identify potential issues during the development, prep, install, and post phase. The bottom line is that you do not want your business to lose money or even worse—lose a client or customer. What do you like, and dislike, about this industry? The majority of my professional experiences have been posi- tive. I adore our clients and they trust us implicitly on their projects—a strong indication that we have been doing things right for the past nine years. I have been extremely blessed to work with many talented artists through our custom work, and have met all the key players in the fleet graphics world. I am impressed by the bastion of creativity and brilliant work that is being produced as a whole by wrappers from around the world. It is our duty to further push vinyl graphics into mainstream culture. I strongly dislike bad vinyl wraps or bad installs, especially when I see them in public. Quality should always be of the utmost importance and at the forefront of every company's agenda. Just recently I traveled to Tokyo, and was able to check out all the different types of installations around the city. Each one was flawlessly executed. Why are we not doing this in the states? How do you feel about the future of the wraps industry and your business specifically? Where do I begin? In general, there is such a versatility to vinyl graphics and wraps that makes it so appealing and appli- cable to many industries. We just need to further educate the world to what graphics can do for their fleets and businesses. I see continued growth for my company with a wealth of oppor- tunities to take wrapping to another level, especially with our high-end custom work. Whether they know it or not, I have fought a slew of battles for my team by getting them better rates, training and more worthwhile jobs. If I push them to the extreme, I am pushing myself even harder so that I can live up to the title of being a strong and proactive leader within my organization. In other words, the ultimate boss lady in the wrap industry.

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