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32 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 BUSINESS & SALES Tonya and Kayla are both 3M preferred installers running their shop in Dobson, North Carolina. Brought together by yellow flower decals on a VW bug, they've been a team for nine years. Their busi- ness, and success, is built upon their friendship. By balancing their strengths and weaknesses they're able to work through any situa- tion. As Kayla noted, "We have a truly special bond, and continue to enjoy seeing each finished project come to fruition because of what we accomplish together." How did you get started? In 2003 when I was pregnant with my daughter I decided I wanted to work from home and be able to make enough money to buy "baseball bats and baby dolls" for my kids. My husband was racing late-model trucks at the time and we were spending too much money on decals. So, I bought a vinyl cutter and software, and taught myself the program. My first order was for a large local business—a big banner and 50 yard signs. They are still one of our top customers year after year. Tonya Kimbrell & Kayla Hart Finish Line Graphics Dobson, N.C. How have you learned over the years? In 2011, Kayla and I decided that in order to stay competitive in the industry, we had to buy a printer and learn to wrap. It's fair to say that we are self-taught, from learning what it means to "RIP a file" to pushing the limits of a film's capabilities. Thanks to a won- derful friendship, we learned about 3M's Advanced Installer Class and attended in 2012 and 2013. We both passed our Preferred Installer exam on the first attempt. That gave us the confidence to know we could be successful at wrapping in addition to our sign, banner and decal offerings. Would you recommend training and how has it improved your skills? I would absolutely recommend training. Some tricks we learned while at 3 M have saved us on more than one occasion. We are also able to get the job done faster because of what we learned, and with more perfection. Understanding film stretch, memory and the "perfect" temperature plays a key role in our wraps. Learning to use different application tools is also something we found extremely helpful. Lots of this we believe we never would know if it weren't for Marcio, Todd, Joe and Jim at 3 M. Have you had any positive or negative experiences, as a female, while working in the wraps industry? With regards to this being a male-dominated industry, we have received plenty of questions about where our help is, if we really do this ourselves, and who actually does this work for us. It gets very frustrating, and we've come up with all kinds of funny responses. But once people see our finished work, they are very impressed that two girls are capable of producing such excellent results. What is your favorite type of wrap to do? We really enjoy our commercial cus- tomers. From designing eye-catching logos and wraps, to installing the finished product, we love hearing our custom- ers tell us what people have to say about their new look, and proud to know we are a small part of their success. In what ways do you and/or your shop stand out from your local competition? We stand out from our local com- petition because we are 3 M Preferred Installers, 3M Certified Trainers and we offer personalized service. Everything we do is custom. We never want a cus- tomer to see their logo going down the street with another company's name on it. Every day we strive to laugh as much as Tailgate and trailer wrap for one of Finish Line's favorite clients. Women WHO WRAP

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