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36 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 experiences is to be able to work with a company for over a decade and watch their business grow from one vehicle to a fleet of 30, 40 or 50 vehicles. Wrapping a fleet for a customer not only plays a huge part in the success of their business from a marketing and advertising standpoint, but also makes you a profit. Being able to see each other's business grow over the years is what makes being in business so rewarding. Everyone wins! Key Questions to Ask When we have clients that come in for pricing or infor- mation on wraps that deal with fleet projects, budget is key for everyone, not just the customer. One of your main goals is to determine what the client considers a fleet project. Is it five vehicles, 10 vehicles, or more? Is the same design going on every vehicle that your client owns? Is your client request- ing different designs on dif- ferent vehicles that give you a large fleet to deal with, but individual wraps that may take more time to design, produce and install? Will the fleet of van wraps be completed in a short time or is it based off of a full year or two of work. These are some important ques- tions to define before moving forward with a fleet project. I tell most of my clients that doing two to three wraps at a time is not con- sidered a fleet, but we will be more than happy to give a discount for providing our company with three units instead of just one. At the end of the day keep in mind that wrapping each of three vans still takes the same amount of material, ink, laminate, and labor to complete as would one van. You don't save any money on film and ink by doing three vans. Your installers will be able to shave off some time after the third van, but you are still dealing with the same amount of square feet, material, and quality that you demand that comes out of your shop. If you or your installers are already skilled wrappers, then your time is already calculated and you know BUSINESS & SALES

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