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2 0 1 7 • WRAPS • 37 how long it will take to fully wrap a 14' box truck vs. a sprinter van. Basic Numbers Now, let's take some basic numbers that may or may not reflect what you or your company charges on a regular basis to determine how you should price your fleets. Let's say I charge $3,000 to print, laminate, and install a Ford Econoline van for regular customers, or a client that has a one-vehicle fleet. I will let them know what our one-off price is. If my client has five Ford vans that need to be wrapped, then I will set up a different pricing sheet that shows them the dis- count's they will receive. As I said in the beginning, we all learn something every day. I used to have cli- ents who would say, "We have five vans to be wrapped, what kind of discount will you give us?" Instead of giving them our normal price of $3,000 I would give them a price of $2,750 since it was for five van wraps. What ended up happening is they would only get one van wrapped (at a dis- count) and then would never come back to have anything else wrapped. It took me a few jobs to realize this was my issue. Not my client's. We now handle pricing and payment of fleet wraps a little differently than we did when our business was young. If your client wants to wrap five vans and would like a discount, we give them two differ- ent options. With the first option we create an invoice (with discount built in) for all five van wraps together and ask for a 50 percent deposit on the entire project. We then collect the balance when the entire fleet is completed. I like the second option where I tell the client that producing five vans is more work for us (which we are happy and fortunate to have), but still requires the same amount of ink, film, laminate, and labor per van regardless if we are wrapping five vans or 50 vans. I then set up a pricing structure for them to view and approve. With this option we discount fleet wraps as they come in! This way it makes the client bring in the vehicles that they promised to be wrapped. In my opinion, it's the only way to secure work without a contract to confirm the work that you both agreed on. Now, let's go back to the $3,000 per unit price. I quote the first van at $3,000, the second van $3,000, the third van $2,800, the fourth van $2,700, and the fifth van would run $2,600. This allows them to see what kind of discount you are giving and hopefully makes them bring all the vehicles that

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