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48 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 DESIGN ideas and product recommendations, we have the opportunity to flex our creativ- ity and develop something truly special. I want to be able to read a message from a mile away, without having the design work in competition with the messaging. This can occur when graph- ics are too extreme, there's too much text or a color scheme limits the legibility of a slogan or name. There's also a fine line between client requests and our recom- mendations. Often times, customers want to put everything and the kitchen sink into a design, but we try and preach that less is more. That's where color change films are beginning to make a real impact. Instead of complicated graph- ics or gaudy art, a simple, yet refined aesthetic can go much further in communicating a company or personal brand. Our company primarily uses 3 M Wrap Film Series 1080, and it's an easy process to flip through the product's swatch deck and show cus- tomers exactly what they'll be looking at on a finished project. Although we sit down with clients to walk through their goals and show For our shop truck we combined 3M wrap film series 1080 in Satin Gold Dust Black with an overlay of 3M wrap overlaminate 8900-BR100 Brushed. We were looking to create a captivating two-toned design. Instead of paint, Pacific Landscape Management achieved their brand- ing aesthetic through a slick vehicle wrap with 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 in Gloss Burnt Orange.

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