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2 0 1 7 • WRAPS • 49 them digital previews of printed graph- ics, with color change films there's some- thing unique about the tangible qualities of seeing the actual film up close, and running your fingers across the vinyl. We recently worked with a local landscaping client that perfectly rep- resents the shift toward using color change films as a solution for brand- ing. With company colors of bright orange and black, Pacific Landscape Management previously had their vehi- cles painted to reflect their brand. But when they came to PDX Wraps looking for an update, using color change film to refresh their image couldn't have been an easier decision. To mirror their colors, we used 1080 film in Gloss Burnt Orange for the body of the landscape rigs, providing the per- fect backdrop for their modest logo and messaging. This led to a simple, yet effec- tive design. Down the road if Pacific Landscape Management wants to make an alteration, it will be easier to change a specific area of the wrap, rather than redo the entire vehicle with new graphics, or even worse, paint. An Eye for Design Color change films aren't just a useful alternative to paint or printed graphics. They're an excellent design medium in their own right. One of the first things customers notice about the products they preview is how vibrant and rich their colors are. A printed graphic can't quite capture the color consistency of a color change film, which is why we've seen a growing trend toward using products like 3 M 1080. Our team recently finished an instal- lation for Dandy Rides on a Chevrolet HHR, and had the opportunity to cap- ture its brand and message with a partial vehicle wrap. Following the layout of the car's body, we installed 3M Wrap Film 1080-S334 Satin Canyon Copper on the vehicle's upper half, complemented with accents of chrome and black. This process proved to be an effective way to develop an eye-catching wrap that con- veys Dandy Rides' style without the need of printed graphics. On the flip side, our team recently designed a wrap for a Lexus entering an auto show, and instead of a partial wrap, we used 3 M Wrap Film Series 1080 in Satin Gold Dust Black to emphasize the hood, spoiler and bodylines along its side. With just a small amount of color accent, the contours and bodylines of the car came to life, adding a visual ele- ment that helped it stand out from the crowd. Instead of complicated graphics or gaudy art, a simple, yet refined aesthetic can go much further. VANS • TRUCKS • FLEET • RECREATIONAL VEHICLES w w w . g e n e r a l f o r m u l a t i o n s . c o m M A N U FA C T U R E R S O F PRESSURE SENSITIVE FILMS DIGITAL MEDIA FOR VEHICLE GRAPHICS

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