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50 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 Design Tips There's far more to designing with these films than just selecting a color and adhering it to a vehicle. Here are a couple of techniques and tricks of the trade we've learned along the way: Follow the Curves—Like a piece of fine art, each car has its own personality and set of features that sets itself apart. With that in mind, it's important not to force a design or pattern. You may have an ambitious project in mind, but if the layout and color selection don't match the contours and shape of the installation vehicle, you'll likely end up with a poor result. With color change films, simple is often best. Two-Toned—The most common color change wraps usually involve a single color, or a handful of distinctive shades designed to compliment one another. But with the confluence of new colors, overlaminates and finishes that have entered the market in the last few years, we've found an alternative that has super- charged our innovation. Despite the many wraps we've done over the years, we probably receive the most complements on our own truck. Instead of flashy promotional graphics or showy artwork, we decided to follow our motto for our own truck. On a base wrap of 1080 film in Satin Gold Dust Black, we used an overlay of 3 M Overlaminate 8900-BR100 Brushed to add our logo to the sides of the truck. The two products culminate into a two-toned design that creates a subtle, yet transfixing contrast. On a sunny day, the PDX letters pop unlike anything else we've done. We've taken this process and applied it to wraps for multiple clients. Whether it's combining two similar colors, or mixing in different finishes and over- laminate textures, these understated, yet bold designs are just another example of how color change films are affecting vehicle wrap design. Prototype tri-hull kayak. Post-heating is the most important step of the wrap process and can make or break the installation. DESIGN

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