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2 0 1 7 • WRAPS • 51 Navigating Installation Along the way our team has seen its share of bumps, and we've developed a few recommendations on the installation process: Post-Heating—To us, post-heating is the most important step of the wrap process and can make or break the instal- lation. Every installer knows the value of post-heating, but it's equally vital to understand a product's limitations and how far you can take it. Make sure you do your homework before working with a new product. Poor post-heating pro- cedure may force you to start all over. Inlays—Everyone has different opin- ions on inlays, but we aren't opposed to doing them if needed. While working around a large contour or edge, care- fully placed and crafted inlays can make a true difference. The last thing you For this Lexus we used 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 in Satin Gold Dust Black to emphasize the hood, spoiler and bodylines along its side. want is a client to drive up three days after an installation because the wrap has popped off. Film Orientation—If you've used color-flip films or products with a direc- tional texture or gradient, film orien- tation is crucial. It may not be until a project is finished until you notice that one of the wrapped doors has a color or textured direction that's running in competition with the rest of the wrap. During installation, be sure to double- check that the orientation of each wrap segment is working in tandem. The new arrows 3 M has implemented on the liners of 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 is a great addition that can help alleviate potential alignment issues. The trick to navigating the evolving world of color change films is getting one step ahead with creativity. As count- less new wrap film colors, textures, fin- ishes and effects enter the market every year, installers must match manufactur- ers with our own innovations. We're only beginning to scrape the surface of what's possible, and it's up to us to dis- cover what's next. 1.888.293.3534 VEHICLE WRAP MAGNETS FROM MASTER MAGNETICS 25 lbs 25 lbs. pull Strong neodymium magnets keep graphics in place Position quickly & easily Saves time and money Magnetic Shield TM Blocks magnetism during storage Box of six NEW! Magnetic Heat Gun Holder

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