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52 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 DESIGN Print Wrap Design The first things to consider when designing a printed vehicle wrap is to envision the completed wrap and the goal of the project. To do this you need a plan. In fact, you need two plans: Begin with the strategic plan because it will drive the creative plan. Marketing Strategy Integrate this vehicle wrap into your customer's exist- ing marketing program. If your customer has invested in professional branding, you should have most of the graphic elements you will need to design a branded vehicle wrap. If they have not developed their brand, have them answer a few simple questions that will enable you to create a high-impact vehicle wrap. • What makes your business special? • What product or service do you provide to your cus- tomers that they cannot get anywhere else? • Who is your ideal customer? • How can you become relevant to them with this vehicle wrap? • How can this vehicle wrap give you a competitive advantage? The Strategic Goal You need strategic and creative plans to design a vehicle wrap but that is not the project's goal. The completed vehicle wrap is not the goal either. The goal of excellent vehicle wraps is results. This means selling more products to more people for more money, more often. These results are realized from building long term, mutually rewarding relationships with individuals based on confidence and trust. Identifying your ideal customers is the first step. B Y D A L E D U N N I H O O Dale Dunnihoo owns and operates the Intelligent Design Studio in Mobile, Alabama. He can be reached at Dale@ Ideal Customers Marketing is the reason for being in business. It is the process of converting every program and every effort into revenue by meeting the wants and needs of customers. The focus of marketing is the customer. Advertising is a subset of marketing. It is the activity of attracting public attention to a product or service in the attempt to sell it. The focus of advertising is the product. Branding is also a subset of marketing. Branding is the process of differentiating a company from its com- petitors in customer's minds by expressing why they are distinctive and relevant. The focus of branding is the business. The goal of branding is to change people's perception in favor of your brand and to position your brand in their minds. Excellent vehicle wraps help convert sat- isfied customers into enthusiastic advocates for your business! Design Strategy Design strategy begins with a big idea. Do your best to develop an innovative and meaningful message, then illustrate it in exciting new ways that are easily under- stood. Throw out predictable solutions by challenging viewers with images that they cannot ignore. Then reward them with details that compel them to engage deeper. In other words, make an unforgettable statement. Print wrap designers combine the disciplines of logo design, page layout and billboard design because this rolling billboard has to communicate its message from a distance and delight viewers up close. The Vehicle Designing a vehicle wrap begins with the shape of the vehicle. Consider the contours and the usable panels of the vehicle at the beginning of the creative process. The Main Message & The Focal Point Determine the best location on the vehicle for the most important message. It may be the logo, avatar or even the slogan depending on what you want to empha- size most. Composition is the artistic arrangement of similar and diverse elements in an attempt to create balance and meaning. Consider placing each of these various components in a meaningful hierarchy that cre- ates a visual focal point. The largest graphic element is usually positioned at the focal point. Achieve even more impact by placing the greatest color or tonal contrast

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